Complete Shoe Care Guide To Keep Your Branded Shoes New & Shining

January 6th, 2022

Complete Shoe Care Guide To Keep Your Branded Shoes New & Shining

A good shoe polishing process can improve the look of your shoes, but it will also lengthen their life. Learning to shine your shoes will give you a great feeling of achievement and save you money. Shoe polishing is simple if you have the right materials and a little time. Here is the perfect shoe care guide to keep your shoes new and shining all time.


Shoe Care Guide for Every Beginner:


#1 – Choose Your Polish:


Choose Your Polish for shoes


Wax, cream, and liquid shoe polishes are used. Waxes and creams are thicker, feeding the leather while protecting it from water damage. Liquid polishes are perfect for a fast shine. Shoe polishes come in many colours; you can buy specific shades to match the shoes you want to polish or choose a neutral finish that will work on a wide range of shoe colours.


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#2 – Choose From a Polishing Brush and An Old T-shirt to Polish Shoes:


When it comes to applying your polish, you have a few options. Most people use an old cotton t-shirt or other soft rags, but specific polishing brushes with stiff, short hairs are also available. Most shoe polishing kits include these brushes, which you may want to buy. To push the polish into hard-to-reach areas, you’ll need an old toothbrush or some q-tips.


#3 – Get a Brush Made of Horsehair:

Shoe Brush


The only thing you’ll need to properly polish your shoes is a nice horsehair shoe shining brush. It contains longer, softer bristles than the previous polishing brush. It’s used to remove excess shine from the shoes and work the polish that’s left into the leather.


#4 – Find a Lint-free, Soft Cloth:


If you want to give your polished shoes a sparkling shine, you’ll have to get your hands on a chamois, which is a soft leather cloth. However, any soft, lint-free cloth would be fine, such as an old cotton t-shirt.


#5 – Take The Shoes and Clean:


It’s important to clean your shoes first to clear any built-up dirt, salt, or dust before you start polishing. Otherwise, dirt could become trapped beneath the polish and harm the shoes’ surface. To clear any debris, clean the shoe vigorously with your horsehair brush. Alternatively, clean the entire area of the shoe with a wet cloth.


Wait for the shoes to thoroughly dry before proceeding to the next phase. You might also want to take the laces from your shoes at this stage. It will make it easy to get to the top of the shoe and keep the polish off the laces. You can also use saddle soap or baby shampoo mixed with a little water to clean your shoes. But don’t get your shoes wet in the process!


leather shoes and boots cleaning guide


If you do not know how to clean your shoes, then go to your nearest shoe repair shop in your area because a local shoe cobbler knows the correct ways to clean shoes and how to apply the polish on your shoes.


Dip an old t-shirt or a polishing brush into the polish of your choice and work it into the shoe’s surface in small circular motions. Apply medium pressure and make sure the area is evenly coated, paying specific attention to the toe and heel, which are the areas that get the most wear.


Wrapping an old t-shirt tightly around your index fingers and working the polish into the shoes is easiest to utilise. Work the polish into hard-to-reach areas like the edge of the upper and the cracks in the tongue with a toothbrush or q-tip. You also might choose to polish the soles of each shoe in the space between the toe and heel that isn’t in contact with the surface. Make an effort to apply the polish in a very thin layer.


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#6 – Remove Any Excess Polish With a Brush:


Grab your horsehair brush and remove any extra polish with short, quick strokes once any more layers of polish have dried. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty; the heat generated by the strong brushwork helps the polish’s absorption into the leather. The wrist should be doing the majority of the work in these strokes. Keep the rest of your arm still while flicking the brush back and forth about your wrist.


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#7 – Rub The Shoes:


The simplest way to add shine to your shoes is to rub them with a soft cloth, such as a chamois or an old cotton t-shirt. Rubbing the cloth across the shoe in a quick side-to-side motion with one hand on either end. Before buffing to boost shine, some people like to blow on the shoe (as if fogging a mirror). You can put the first shoe on a shoe butler to make this process easier.




Now you get the whole idea to care for your shoes through our shoe care guide. We all know that the shoe cleaning process is time-consuming, and we cannot skip it in our regular life. So if you are tired of this regular process, come with Prime Laundry for a quick and effective shoe repair service.