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Cafe Laundry Services

Get laundry cleaning service in London for table clothes, aprons and chef jackets.

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Cafe Laundry Service

Cafe Laundry Services

No matter what business you deal with, You will always require a quality laundry service or launderette for your business. It will take care of all your commercial laundry cleaning requirements. If you own a café or pizzeria, you must be aware that in the regular business days, each of your staff will use fresh aprons, hand towels, napkins, uniforms, chef jackets, lab coats and other apparels that need to be cleaned at the end of the day. You must clean your table clothes and fabric mats where you can place your food to your customer.


This is where the requirement of a professional laundry pickup and delivery service provider comes into existence. You cannot avoid accidental spills while delivering food and beverage items. So to clean them properly and to ensure that all the covers and rags are spotlessly clean. You can be in touch with a proper establishment that provides effective commercial laundry services for café and pizzeria.


Right from washing clothes of the head chef to waiter, removing stains from clothes, having a good commercial laundry service company like Prime Laundry will be of great help to you. We provide daily and weekly laundry collection and delivery services for your assistance without any hassle. Inquiry now for a quotation.

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