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Shoe Repair

Make your shoe like a new one with our professional shoe repair service. Prime Laundry is an online shoe repair shop in London that provides you with excellent boots and footwear repair services without any difficulties at the lowest price. We fulfill all of your needs for leather to rubber shoes.


With our years of professional experience, we offer the best shoe cleaning, shining, and restoration services for your favourite suede and leather shoes, heels, boots, etc. Our best cobbler & shoe repairman specialise in repairing and fixing your expensive shoes, boots and trainers. We provide heel tips replacement, boot zip repair, resole, cleaning, polish and shining service at the best prices in London.

What’s included in Shoe Repair?

Our qualified cobblers have complete knowledge of shoe repair.

Standard shoe repair services.

General overhaul of the upper, including stitching.

Renewing the heel lining.

More cost-effective and more sustainable shoe repair service

Home & Bedding

Home & Bedding

For household and bedding items that are usually larger and require a expert washing process.

Starts From £7.99

Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Ironed

Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Ironed

Perfect for anything you want to be dry cleaned, pressed and returned on a hanger.

Starts From £1.2

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

For your everyday laundry. Clothes are washed at 30°C or 45°C or 60°C, tumble dried and folded.

Per load of 6 kg £14.99

Our minimum order amount is £20.

Free Express Delivery within 24 Hours


What will color polish be used to shine shoes?

The type of finish you want will decide whether you choose a cream or wax polish. A cream polish will make the leather less shiny, but it will also moisturize it as it absorbs. Be careful that cream polish can alter the color of the leather.

Which sole is better, rubber or leather?

Leather is far more durable than most people believe; rubber soles will always last longer before needing to be replaced.

Does shoe polish nourish leather?

Shoe polish hydrates the leather while also providing a layer of protection against dust and water. It also recovers color and hides flaws and scuffs.

Do you repair damaged sneakers?

Yes, we can repair damaged sneakers and make them new ones.

How long does an online cobbler take to fix shoes?

The complete procedure usually takes two to three weeks. After that, it all depends on the level of the repairs required.

How do you replace rubber tips on heels?

Our professional cobbler uses the following process to replace your heel.

  • To decide what size to buy, take measurements of your heel tips.
  • To loosen and separate the heel tip, fit a dull pitch knife or jack between the top and bottom of the tip.
  • By twisting and tugging the heel tip out with the pliers, carefully remove it.
  • Remove any dirt from the newly exposed tip.
  • Insert the new tip's pin end into the heels gap.

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