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Shoe Repairs

Shoe cleaning and restoration service. We work with the top dry cleaners and cobblers in London to professionally clean and repair all kinds of shoes. From suede to leather we do it all!

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Shoe Cleaning and Repairs Service. Collected and delivered to your house in 24H.

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Shoe Repairs Pricing

Shoe and boot repair services including zip repairs and rubber sole replacement (resoling) as well as boot re-heeling.

  • Boot - Zip Repair £ 49.00
  • Ladies Heel Tips £ 10.70
  • Ladies Leather Half Sole £ 35.95
  • Ladies Leather Sole & Leather Half Heel £ 44.95
  • Ladies Rubber Half Sole £ 24.25
  • Ladies Rubber Half Sole & Rubber Heel £ 33.25
  • Coat Lining Repair £ 22.95
  • Ladies Rubber Heels £ 14.00
  • Ladie's Shoe Tips £ 14.20
  • Men's Leather Half Sole £ 41.95
  • Men's Leather Half Sole & Leather Heel £ 63.95
  • Men's Rubber Half Sole £ 30.25
  • Men's Rubber Half Sole & Rubber Heel £ 42.95
  • Men's Rubber Heels £ 18.95
  • Men's Shoe Tips £ 16.95
  • Shoe Shine £ 14.95
  • Trainer Shoe Cleaning £ 20.00

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Our professional boot and shoe cleaning service

Are your new shoes looking worn out? Do your heels wobble while walking? Are your soles coming undone?

We understand this can be embarrassing, especially when you are at work or meeting friends.

With Prime Laundry’s shoe cleaning and shoe repair services, put your best foot forward always.

We have a huge network of shoe experts who specialise in a range of services. Whether it is boot zip repair, half sole repair, ladies’ heel tip repair, or rubber reheeling, our shoe professionals are adept at all kinds of repairs.

Our expert shoe cleaning & repairs service

You may be wearing the finest attire, but if your shoes look worn out, it may spoil your whole look.

For working professionals, it becomes difficult to take out time for shoe repairs. But now with Prime Laundry’s shoe and boot repair services, you needn’t worry about it anymore.

Simply book a pickup slot on our website or app. We will collect your shoes from your doorstep. The shoes are then taken to specialist cleaners to be examined for stains, scratches, and tears.

Your shoes are then cleaned, repaired, and restored depending on the care label instructions.

All you need to do is to sit back and relax while we deliver your rejuvenated shoes in as little as 3-5 days.

Customised shoe repairs

Prime laundry goes much beyond shoe dry cleaning services. We use the latest technology to repair all kinds of shoes.

Our services include leather sole repair, shoeshine, and other repairs for both men’s and women’s shoes. We have worked on almost all the shoe brands and successfully repaired them to look brand new!

If your shoes require complex repairs, they are sent to our trustworthy repair specialists and experienced cobblers.

Beyond shoe services

We don’t just offer cleaning and repairs for shoes and boots. Our services also include trainer cleaning. We make all kinds of repairs and perform clean-ups for your favourite trainers too.

Rated Excellent by Google

I had spilt red wine over my expensive suede pumps. Losing out on my favourite shoes worried me to no end. A friend suggested Prime Laundry’s service for cleaning and repairs for shoes and boots. I was amazed at the way my shoes were returned spotlessly clean and looking like new. I will recommend Prime Laundry to everyone.

Lucy West

I work in hospitality and clean shoes are an absolute must for me. But with my busy schedule, I couldn’t make time to deep clean my shoes every day. Ever since I found out about Prime Laundry’s shoe cleaning services, I never have to worry about dirty shoes anymore. Their team picks up the shoes from my house and returns them in time without additional charges.

Sarah George

My expensive brogues got stained with curry recently. I took them to Prime Laundry’s shoe cleaning service and was pleasantly surprised to see my brogues restored to their original self. Thank you Prime Laundry.

Mickey Almeida


Do you have questions?

Basic shoe repair process and take anywhere between one to three weeks depending on the extent of work needed.

Yes, we do that. However, this may take longer than the standard 2-day turnaround time.

Yes, your shoes can be easily resoled with rubber soles. But, this may take longer than the 2-day delivery time.

Yes, the elastic on your shoes can be fixed and adjusted to make it looser or tighter.

We take complete care of your shoes by offering a range of services. These include resoling, cleaning, polishing, shining, heel tip replacement, boot zip repair, and more.
Prime Laundry in London

Prime Laundry in London

Hello London! Time to say goodbye to loads of laundry. With our laundry pick up London, you don’t have to sweat about washing stacks of clothes anymore. Our tailor-made services cater to the whole of London and surrounding areas. We are flexible, on-demand, and affordable. Your clothes are collected from your doorstep and delivered the same day clean and ironed.

London delivery and pickup

London delivery and pickup

Prime Laundry prides itself on being the best same day laundry service near me. We offer professionally clean and refreshed clothes at just the click of a button. Our laundry pick up London and delivery services are no-effort, contactless, and free. You get your clothes spotlessly cleaned within 24 hours and delivered right on your doorstep.