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Workwear Laundry Services

Get laundry cleaning service in London for your staff uniforms and clothes.

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Workwear Laundry Service

Workwear Laundry Services

Uniforms are a reflection of you and your company’s brand. Uniforms often play a pivotal role in a customer’s first impression. As a result, making sure they’re clean and well-presented might help boost your company’s image. Not only, the commercial laundry service company wash and dry uniforms and workwear clothes, but they will also iron any items that need to be ironed.


When you have your uniforms professionally laundered, special attention will be paid to ensuring that textiles are washed in the correct cycle and at the recommended temperature, as well as any ironing or dry cleaning instructions. When uniforms are professionally cleaned by a launderette, the quality is maintained for a longer period of time, which means they will need to be changed less frequently, saving money for the company.


Prime Laundry has been providing workwear laundry services near me to school and office staff employees for many years. We take pride in giving the best quality staff uniform laundry cleaning services in London with free pickup and delivery. Our commercial washing machines are kept very clean, and there are special cleaning cycles for sensitive apparel. Our professional laundry collection service can even pick up soiled uniforms and return clean to your business. For more information, Inquiry now!

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