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Gym Laundry Service

Get laundry cleaning service in London for gyms, fitness studio, boxing center and sports club.

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Gym Laundry Service

Gym Laundry Service

Many businesses of London, particularly health clubs, yoga centres, fitness studios and gyms require efficient commercial dry cleaning and laundry services. To clean the towels, yoga mats, bathrobe, logo mats used by the gym members, someone has to be on duty! This is where we can help. We can handle your ever-growing pile of towels and your customer’s gym kits at Prime Laundry, so your guests will never have to deal with overflowing containers of dirty laundry again.


Furthermore, as a business owner, you must ensure that you have enough clean towels on hand at all times to serve all of your visitors. Our commercial laundry cleaning service is ideal for gyms, karate centres and fitness studios that need to provide clean and ready to use towels to their customers at all times.


Prime Laundry can assist you with a consistent service of clean towels and robes for your gyms and health club. Dirty towels can quickly accumulate, so make sure you have enough clean towels on hand to meet your clients’ demands.


Don’t put off laundry services or rely on an untrained launderette staff; otherwise, you risk running out of clean towels or robes for your visitors. Trust our seasoned laundry professionals to handle all of the laundry generated by your gym or health club’s visitors.

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