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Friendly and credible laundromats and laundrette services. We offer doorstep collection for laundrette washing machine service.

Free Same Day Collection, Next Day Delivery.

Cashless Payments, Dedicated 24/7 Support.

Laundromat & Laundrette

Need to wash a whole load of laundry?

Washing and Ironing – Up To

6 kg
£ 14.99
  • One wash / No color separate (Each 6kg £14.99)
  • No upper weight limit – £2.80/extra kg

Separate Washing and Ironing – Up To

12 kg
£ 29.98
  • Requires two washes for dark and light colors
  • No upper weight limit – £2.80/extra kg

Simply book a slot on our website or application for our excellent laundromats and laundrette services.

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Laundry with Ironing Price

Cleaned, ironed, and returned to you on a hanger by default (Priced per item)

  • Shirt On Hanger £2.60
  • Folded Shirt £3.50
  • Ladies Blouse £6.00
  • Dinner Shirt £ 3.50
  • Hung T-Shirt £ 2.60
  • Folded T-Shirt £ 3.00
  • Ladies/Mens Standard £ 6.99
  • Jeans £ 6.99
  • Silk Trouser £ 6.99
  • Shorts £ 4.50
  • Skirt Standard £5.75
  • Skirt Silk £7.99
  • Long Skirt £ 7.99
  • Standard Dress £10.99
  • Dress Silk £13.20
  • Dress With Trim £15.00
  • Dress Evening Long £20.00
  • Wedding Dress £ 0.00
  • Dress Evening £ 18.00
  • Jumpsuit £18.00
  • Top / Blouse £6.00
  • Silk Blouse/Top £7.20
  • Jumper £ 6.49
  • Beaded Blouse £8.00
  • Beaded Knitwear £ 8.50
  • Hoodie £7.49
  • Overcoat £11.99
  • Jacket £ 7.99
  • Puff / Down Coat £ 17.99
  • Jacket With Trim £ 9.99
  • Full Length Coat £ 13.99
  • Jacket Zip £ 7.99
  • Puff Jacket £ 15.99
  • Sheet - Single £ 5.50
  • Sheet - Double £ 6.50
  • Sheet - King £ 7.00
  • Sheet - Superking £ 7.00
  • Duvet Cover- Single £ 6.50
  • Duvet Cover- Double £ 8.00
  • Duvet Cover - King £ 9.00
  • Duvet Cover- Superking £ 9.00
  • Pillow Cases £ 2.00
  • Pants £ 1.20
  • Socks £ 1.20
  • Bra £ 1.50
  • Hunky £ 1.40
  • Vest £ 1.49
  • Night Dress £ 5.50
  • Baby Items 4-10 Years £ 2.50
  • Baby Items 0-3 Years £ 2.20
  • Tie £ 4.49
  • Scarf Wool £ 6.00
  • Pashmina £ 7.00
  • Handkerchief £ 4.50
  • Gloves Pair £ 5.00
  • Scarf Silk £ 6.00
  • Hats/Caps £ 5.00

Know How The Best Hassle-Free and Prompt Laundry Cleaning Service Works

book a pickup

Book A Pickup

Slot your laundry collection at your convenience. Book anytime through our website or on-demand app.

we collect

We Collect

Our team collects your clothes from your doorstep. We then list and price your items accordingly.

Expert Procession

Expert Processing

Our laundry experts treat every piece of clothing with expert attention and process them.

We deliver

We Deliver

We bring back your freshly cleaned and rejuvenated clothes the same day at no extra charge.

Explore The Superior Qualities Of Our Services

Wash, Dry & Fold Wash, Dry & Fold
Wash & Iron Wash & Iron
Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning
Duvets & Bulk Items Duvets & Bulk Items
Ironing Only Ironing Only
Ironing Only Clothing Alteration
Ironing Only Shoe Repairs
Normally Included Items
T-Shirts, Shorts, Trousers, Towels, Beddings and more
Shirts, Trousers, Jackets, Bedding, and more
Shirts, Suits, Dresses, Skirt, Jumper and more
Bedding, Duvet, Bedspreads, Pillow, and more
Shirts, T-shirts, Blouse, Dress, Bedding, and more
Button Repair, Skirt, Trouser, New Zip, and more
Ladies Rubber Half Sole, Men's Rubber Heels, and more
Turnaround Time
24 hr
24 hr
24 hr
Up to 2-3 Days
24 hr
Up to 2-3 Days
Up to 2-3 Days
Starts from
Starts from
Starts from
Starts from
Starts from
Starts from
Starts from

Laundromat and Laundrette for Busy Professionals

Are your everyday mounting loads of laundry leaving you stressed?

As a working professional, life can get super busy. Especially, when you also manage a family.

We understand that your free time is not meant to be spent doing laundry.

Our laundromat and laundrette service is just the answer. Our door-to-door laundrette washing machine service helps you simplify your life with just a few clicks.

Simply book your pick-up slot and we will be there to pick up your laundry. It will be returned to you cleaned, ironed, and on a hanger. Imagine the luxury of just putting away your clean laundry instead of spending hours removing stubborn stains at home.

Whether it is your work wear or your bulk items like bed linen, duvets, or pillowcases, we clean it all.

Our laundromat prices are affordable and our services are efficient and quick.

Rated Excellent by Google

I had been looking forever for a reliable 24 hour laundromat near me. My search ended with Prime Laundry. I was pleasantly surprised to see my clothes squeaky clean and professionally presented. All within 24 hours! I recommend Prime Laundry to all my friends and family.

Sarah Gray

I usually do my laundry at my nearest laundromat by Prime Laundry. They have the newest and cleanest machines that make my clothes come out clean. The staff at the coin operated laundrette near me is extremely helpful and serves with a smile. Very happy with my experience with Prime Laundry.

Denise Michaels

My washing machine broke down on the weekend and I was on the lookout for an affordable and credible laundrette washing machine service. I found Prime laundry and there’s been no looking back since. They also offer a laundromat drop off service near me, which saves me time and gets my clothes delivered at my doorstep. Seven-star service !

Kelly Stevens


Do you have questions?

Yes, while all clothes are cleaned at medium-heat, we take care to adjust the temperature controls depending on the fabric type. We look through your garment’s care labels and clean them accordingly.

All you need to do is to separate your laundry depending on the service that you ask for. Notify the stained garments separately to us with the source and time of the stain. Please remove accessories like cuff links from your shirts and make sure to empty your pockets.

No, currently we don’t have a provision to do that. However, you can indicate if you have any skin allergies and we will make sure to use hypoallergenic cleaning agents on your load.

There is no water used in dry cleaning. It involves the use of water-free chemical solvents to clean the clothes. Laundering involves cleaning using water, soap, and detergents.

Dry cleaning is more effective for tough stains like that of oil, grease, and dyes and helps in preserving the sheen and life of your garments.

No, shrinkage happens during high-heat drying, which damages the fibres of the clothes.
Prime Laundry in London

Prime Laundry in London

Hello London! Time to say goodbye to loads of laundry. With our laundry pick up London, you don’t have to sweat about washing stacks of clothes anymore. Our tailor-made services cater to the whole of London and surrounding areas. We are flexible, on-demand, and affordable. Your clothes are collected from your doorstep and delivered the same day clean and ironed.

London delivery and pickup

London delivery and pickup

Prime Laundry prides itself on being the best same day laundry service near me. We offer professionally clean and refreshed clothes at just the click of a button. Our laundry pick up London and delivery services are no-effort, contactless, and free. You get your clothes spotlessly cleaned within 24 hours and delivered right on your doorstep.