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Wash, Tumble Dry and Fold Laundry Service

Laundry Service (Wash, Dry & Fold)

Prime Laundry is a London-based online laundry service shop (launderette) with years of expertise and always tries to provide you with the best quality clothes washing service in London with a free same day collection. We offer a quick turnaround and convenience for our customers because of our excellent reputation with expert washermen or laundromat.


Prime Laundry takes pride in establishing strong relationships with everyone we deal with regularly, at all levels. Washing, tumble dry and folding laundry is the basic need of everyone’s life. Most of the household clothes are washed and folded regularly. We all know that London is the busiest city in the world. We are available 24*7 hour and provide free same day laundry pickup and delivery! Our driver will pick your dirty cloth from your door, our team will wash it as required, remove stains from clothes and deliver it to your door the next day. It has years of washing clothes expertise, so you can trust us to deliver professional and efficient wash, tumble dry and fold laundry service.

What’s included in Laundry Service (Wash, Dry & Fold)?

On demand services in the London market.

Easy to schedule your laundry collection through our mobile app.

Our washer and dryers use superior quality chemicals.

We treat all kinds of clothes with extreme care and precaution.

Home & Bedding

Home & Bedding

For household and bedding items that are usually larger and require a expert washing process.

Starts From £7.99

Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Ironed

Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Ironed

Perfect for anything you want to be dry cleaned, pressed and returned on a hanger.

Starts From £1.2

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

For your everyday laundry. Clothes are washed at 30°C or 45°C or 60°C, tumble dried and folded.

Per load of 6 kg £14.99

Our minimum order amount is £20.

Free Express Delivery within 24 Hours


Is there a pickup or delivery fee?

Yes! We provide free pickup and delivery, and for your comfort, we will deliver to your home or workplace.

What is the turnaround time for the wash & fold laundry service?

The turnaround time for wash and fold laundry service is 24 hours. So if we collect your order in the morning, you will get it the next morning. If we collect your order in the evening, you will get it next evening.

Will you wash and tumble dry my clothes with other people's clothes?

No, never, won’t happen. We manage each order separately and never mix them with others.

Do you offer hand washing?

Yes, we provide handwashing with special care. In addition, we follow the proper washing process for delicate clothes. For more information, check out our website or mail us.

Do I have to provide my own laundry bag?

No need. Prime Laundry will provide the company bags. All you’ll need to do is ensure your Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold items are in a separate pile to your dry cleaning items on collection.

How We Work

Get Laundry Cleaning Services For Dirty Clothes By Professional Dry Cleaners in London Without Any Hassle.

Book a pickup

Book A Pickup

Easily select laundry collection & delivery time at your convenience through website or on demand app.

We collect

We Collect

We collect your items to our facilities & list your items according to your requirement.

Expert processing

Expert Processing

Our washerman and dry cleaners process the required service with utmost care to ensure great results.

We deliver

We Deliver

Our driver delivers your clean items within 24 hour at your convenient time without delivery charge.