Easy shoe care ways for mending shoes holes

May 4th, 2022

Quick And Easy Shoe Care Ways to Fix Shoes Holes

Do you miss wearing your favorite pair of sneakers because a gaping hole has appeared in the soles? Are you fretting over throwing away your sleek black boots because of the shoes holes?


If your answer is yes, then now is the time to get down to business with glue and adhesives to fix the holes in your shoes, sneakers, and boots. Holes appear in the soles due to wear and tear.


Walking or running on a regular basis across rocky or stony paths also cause damage to the soles leading to the appearance of holes in the shoes.


However, if you think that you have to toss your shoes out if holes appear in the soles, then you can think again. Instead of crying over a pair of damaged shoe soles, you can try out the few hassle free ways to fix the holes in your shoes at home. Read on to know more about repairing shoe holes of your favorite shoes.


How To Repair Shoes Holes:


Repair Shoes Holes


Fixing holes in the soles of shoes is pretty easy. However, if you do not have the time to repair the damage in the soles, then you may visit a shoe repair shop near you.


Contrary to what you may think, repairing the soles of the shoes hardly takes much time. In fact, you can start wearing the repaired shoes as soon as the glue dries up and gets set, thereby covering up the holes in the soles.


So, what are you waiting for? Line up the damaged pairs of shoes and repair them one by one in the ways described briefly below:


#1 – Plug the holes in the shoes with adhesive:


Plugging the holes in the soles with adhesive is pretty easy. Purchase a bottle of strong glue or adhesive that is suited to the material of the shoes. Strong adhesive glue is ideal for leather shoes, sneakers, PU leather pumps, and canvas shoes.


Extract the insole of the shoes and then apply a thin layer of the adhesive to fix the holes. Wait for the adhesive glue to dry and then re-insert the insole of the shoes. Start wearing the repaired shoes from the next day.


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#2 – Patch the holes in the shoes with fabric:


If you have suede shoes or sheep-skin boots, then patching the shoes with fabric is a good idea. However, it is to be kept in mind that fabric patches need to be sewed to the shoes. Sewing the patch with needle and thread may be difficult for many.


Stuff a handful of crumpled newspaper into the shoes to prep the shoes for the repair work. Purchase a fabric patch that matches the color and material of your shoes from a shoe repair shop. Simply cut out a piece of fabric patch that is big enough to cover the hole in your shoes.


Use a steam iron to iron the fabric patch to the shoes and make the patches ready for sewing. Sew the fabric patch to the shoes with a needle and thread and then start wearing the repaired shoes from the next day.


#3 – Use an aesthetic patch:


Aesthetic Patches


Aesthetic patches are great for fixing holes in the shoes, and almost always make the shoes look funky and fun. Buy an aesthetic patch from the shoe repairing shop and then sew it to the shoes carefully to patch the holes.


Aesthetic patches usually come with contrasting colors and patterns that help with making a footwear fashion statement.


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#4 – Try an insulating tape:


If the holes in the soles of the shoes are not too big, then you may use insulating tape to fix the holes. Insulating tapes are easily available in supermarkets and hardware stores.


Make sure that the tape matches in color with that of the shoes. However, insulating tapes only provide momentary repair. If the holes in the shoes widen over time then you may consider using fabric patch that is more durable.




Now that you are well aware of the ways to repair shoe holes, it is time to stop buying new shoes every time a hole appears in the soles of your regular shoes.


Quit buying shoes every now and then and stick to repairing what you have, not only to save money, but also to promote sustainability.


If you feel too tired to repair the holes in the soles of your shoes on your own, then visit the local cobbler at your locality. Click on the Prime Laundry, an online shoe repair shop near me in London to look for shoe repair outlets.