Shoe Repair Tips – Give Extra Care To Your Leather Shoes & Boots

February 14th, 2022

Shoe Repair Tips – Extra Care To Your Leather Shoes & Boots

One of the most important things to remember is to avoid wearing them during the rainy season when it comes to leather shoes. Rain and leather don’t go along. If you really must wear leather at this time, make sure to take extra care of it. For extra care, you can visit your nearest shoe repairman or professional shoe repair service shop.


Maintain the quality of your leather shoes by polishing them regularly. The look of old leather shoes can be significantly improved with a fresh coat of polish. Remove any dirt that has accumulated over time before polishing your shoes.


Wipe the shoes with a cloth if there is only a light layer of dirt on them. Alternatively, a specific shoe brush can be used to remove the filth. Damp mud tends to stick to shoes during the rain. The mud solidifies and forms a clump on them as it dries. In such cases, the only option to get rid of the mud is using a brush.


Invest money and time in a high-quality polish. If you have spent a lot of money on your shoes, it makes no sense to spare on the quality of your shoe polish. In addition, branded shoe polish is now reasonably priced, so there is no reason not to buy it.


Different Ways To Maintain Your Leather Shoes and Boots:


#1 – Dry Insides:


You consider wearing your shoes the entire day at work. When you include in commute time, you’re likely to be wearing your shoes for 10 hours or more every day. Because everyone’s feet sweat, you should spend some time drying up the insides and outsides of your shoes.


If your feet sweat a lot, you’ll need to increase the frequency of the drying sessions. It’s easy to dry out your shoes. Leave a sheet of tissue paper or a paper napkin inside the shoe for a few minutes. Then, sprinkle some talcum powder on top to dry any remaining moisture.


To completely dry the shoe, repeat the procedure. At the very least, once a week, you should dry your shoes. Drying sessions can be done two to three times a week during the rainy season. If you want to maintain your shoes properly, you can hire Prime Laundry because they provide a leading and high quality shoe repairing service in London.


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#2 – Store Leather Shoes:


Storage tips for leather shoes


When it comes to shoes only for formal occasions, you are more likely to wear them once and store them. Therefore, do not quickly put them away after removing them. Instead, turn on the ceiling and place the shoes under it for a few hours to let them air out.


As per shoe repair service, If you immediately put your shoes away, the sweat from your feet will remain in them, making the shoes stink. Worse, you can end up with fungus in your shoes.


Stuff the shoes with newspaper before putting them away to keep their shape and prevent them from bending or creasing. Before putting the shoes in the box, keep them in a cloth shoe bag.


#3 – Make Your Shoes Fungus Free:


Make Your Shoes Fungus Free



Do not be upset if you are unlucky to have fungus on your shoes. It may yet be possible to save your shoes. First, brush the fungus away with an old toothbrush and soap solution.


Then, brush out even the tiniest cracks to ensure no traces remain. Keep the shoes under the fan to dry after brushing. A better option for completely drying them would be to leave them out from the sun.


Always use gloves when dealing with fungus. It will keep it from infecting your skin by preventing it from touching it. Also, after washing your shoes, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water as a precaution.


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Wrap Up:


Last but not least, if your leather shoes have dis-coloured or cracked. You should get the help of a professional shoe repair service like Prime Laundry.


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