How To Transform Your Dirty Shoes Into Shining Shoes

November 18th, 2021

How To Transform Your Dirty Shoes Into Shining Shoes

Whether it’s for a wedding, graduation, or just another day at the job, a pair of shining shoes may define you as a person who pays attention to the fine details. Shining your shoes is also an important part of properly caring for and maintaining a fine pair of leather shoes or boots.


The polish itself moisturises and waterproofs the leather, helping your shoes to last longer. And, no matter what the occasion, the polishing and shining provides a clean, put-together impression. Prime Laundry, a shoe repair shop in London, makes your shoe clean and shining. In addition, they provide free pickup and delivery service, so you need to schedule your shoe cleaning time.


So in this article, we provide the best shoe cleaning tips that make your task easier, so let’s go to discuss.


Top Shoe Cleaning Tips to Shine Your Shoes:


leather shoes and boots cleaning guide


#1 – Gather Your Supplies and Get Ready:


The following items are required to polish your shoes:


  • A shoe polish tin
  • Brush for shining horsehair
  • Brush for polishing shoes
  • Cotton balls


Put an old cloth or newspaper all over the area where you’ll be working. Even when you’re being extra careful, shoe polish has an incredible capacity to get smeared everywhere, and it’s quite difficult to remove out of the carpet.


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#2 – Make Your Shoes Clean:


Using a horsehair shine brush or a clean cloth, clean the dust and dirt from your boots. If you have to get your boots wet to clean them, let them dry completely before applying the polish.


#3 – Apply Polish on Your Shoes:


Use Polish & Shiner for Shoes


Using your shoe polish brush, apply a layer of polish to the whole shoe. The colour of the polish should match the colour of your shoe as exactly as possible. Make sure you go down into the shoe’s seams and try to cover them evenly with polish. Allow for a 15-minute drying for the polish.


#4 – Take Special Attention to the Toe and Heel:


And when you’re satisfied that you’ve covered and polished the entire shoe, focus on the toe and heel for more shine. Soak a cotton ball or pad in water and push off any extra moisture till the cotton ball or pad is wet but not leaking. Brush a little coat of polish to the damp cotton. Then, using small circular motions, add the polish to the toe and heel of the shoe.


#5 – Brush Your Shoes:


Polish leather shoes


Using the horsehair shine brush, gently brush the entire shoe. The purpose is to clear away all the extra polish, leaving only a thin layer on the outside of the shoe.


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#6 – Repeat Until The Shoe Gleams Like a Mirror:


It should be continued until you’re happy with the shine. Use a fresh piece of cloth and wipe away all extra polish before applying a new layer. Also, the first shine is most difficult; it’ll get easier with practice. It will take some time to shine these boots if your shoes are new. In stating it requires around 45 minutes from start to finish to get them to the state seen below.


Wrap Up:


Now you get how to shine your shoes effectively. But think, could you get a good result if you are doing it yourself? We all know that cleaning shoes is a time-consuming process, and sometimes due to your busy schedule, it is not possible to clean properly.


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