Cobblers Shoes Repair and Resole Service Near Me in London
7:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Mon-Sun)

Shoe Repairs

We offer distinct shoe repairs services with free pick-up and delivery. We would be convenient for both men and women, which also includes a different type of shoes and heels that hold a variety of materials. If you require cobblers shoe repairs services in London, United Kingdom then Prime laundry is here to help. Our shoe repair service require a minimum of 48 hours.

What’s included in the shoe repair services?

  • Our expert can repair or replace ladies broken heels, resole leather shoes, boot resole, Ladies stiletto rubber & metal heels and much more.
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What’s included in the services?

  • We provide wide range of shoe and boot repair services for men’s and women’s items including zip repairs and rubber sole replacement (resoling) as well as boot re-heeling.

Attention for customer!

  • Items are collected from your doorstep and taken to in our facility. The items are then altered and delivered back to you at your convenience time.