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Restaurant Laundry Service

First Impression is everything. Quality, cleanliness and beauty speak volumes about your business. It encourages the clients to come back and enjoy the moment again. If the linen is spotless, exquisite and impeccably dressed, consumers would expect the same quality of cuisine. Be confident that you will fulfil this expectation.

Prime Laundry has a tradition of consistently servicing commercial laundry services such as restaurants and hotel laundry services with high quality expectations.

We provide top-quality restaurant linen cleaning service in London, including high-quality bedding and linen cleaning service to high-end restaurants and hotels in the Greater London area. Many of our guests' hotel linen rental requirements are met, including bed sheets and linen washing, blankets, pillowcases and other linen for hotel rooms, as well as table linen and restaurant chef coats.

Our emphasis on delivering the best standard is the secret to our offerings and encourages you to stay in your hotel with peace of mind. In addition, we collaborate closely with the hotel's housekeeping staff on hotel laundry service to ensure that we run a reliable and reliable operation.

We are still available to visit your hotel if you need to determine your linen needs and to provide advice on the best service choices for your hotel. A thorough audit of the bedding and linen conditions will also be done prior to bedding and linen washing.

Our business is well known for offering commercial laundry facilities to many of London's biggest restaurants. If you are looking for a premium restaurant linen service, please contact us on on give us a call at (+44) 798-437-5336.

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What’s included in the services?

  • Our mission is to ensure a high-quality and hassle free service at affordable rates.
  • All the items are checked thoroughly for any signs of damage when they arrive.
  • Your own stock will be washed and returned to you without any trouble.
  • Delivery drivers manage social distances whether it is a customer site or laundry sites.
  • Washing Bedding /Linen at 40- 90 degrees

Attention for customer!

  • All the linens items are thermally and chemically disinfected, so that any customer's linen is kept separate from other hotels.
  • Linen shrinks, minimises overt touching and maintains sanitary standards
  • Attention to detail is provided by sorting, cleaning, drying and packaging, right up to return delivery.
  • We provide washing for all bed linen, pillowcases, washcloths, towels, linen for guest rooms, as well as table linen and chef coats.