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Leather, Fur and Suede

Dry cleaning of leather, fur, suede, and specialist items Efficient and high-quality restoration

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Leather, Fur and Suede

Professionally cleaned leather, fur, and suede items. Collected and delivered in 24 H at your doorstep.

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Leather, Fur and Suede Pricing

Cleaned, ironed, and returned to you on a hanger by default (Priced per item)

  • Leather Jacket £ 50.00
  • Fur Coat £ 60.00
  • Leather Skirt £ 35.00
  • Leather Gloves £ 35.00
  • Leather Trouser £ 30.00
  • Leather Coat £ 60.00

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Our team collects your clothes from your doorstep. We then list and price your items accordingly.

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Expert Processing

Our Dry cleaners experts treat every piece of clothing with expert attention and process them.

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We Deliver

We bring back your freshly cleaned and rejuvenated clothes the same day at no extra charge.

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Leather, Fur, and Suede Service

Leather, fur, and suede items are exquisite and involve a significant investment. As much as you use them carefully, accidents and stains happen.

These damages cannot be addressed at home and require professional leather, fur, and suede services. These items are thicker and more complex to clean and need specialists to restore them to their original state.

We work with a range of items such as suits, jackets, waistcoats, skirts, gloves, sheepskin rugs, shoes, handbags, and more.

Our experienced dry cleaning specialists have an eye for detail for all kinds of stains and damages and clean your items per their care instructions.

How does our leather, fur, and suede service work?

If you want to dry clean leather, fur, and suede, you have come to the right place.

We extend the life of your most-loved leather, fur, and suede items through our expert on-demand dry cleaning services.

Simply slot your pickup by logging to our website or mobile app. Our driver will be there promptly to pick up your items. From here, your items will be sent to our cleaning professionals for inspection. Here, they will be treated for cracks, peels, fading, and shrinkage and treated accordingly.

You will be updated at each step of the cleaning process and delivery time.

Once restored, your clothes will be returned to you within 24 hours.

Beyond leather, suede, and fur

Ranked amongst the top dry cleaning services in the UK, we go beyond leather, fur, and suede restorations. We offer professional dry cleaning, wash, fold, and ironing services for all kinds of garments including wedding dresses, curtains, duvets, and bed linen. Our services also include trainer and shoe cleaning and alterations and repairs.

Rated Excellent by Google

Friendly staff and excellent leather, fur, and suede service. I had spilt champagne on my expensive leather boots and was looking for an expert dry cleaning service. A friend suggested Prime Laundry and I am happy that I trusted them. My leather boots came back looking like new.

Sandra Norris

My expensive sheepskin jacket got torn while biking. I took it to Prime Laundry and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and expertly it was repaired. I can’t even see the tear anymore. I will recommend Prime Laundry to everyone.

Stuart Brown

Great service, best in London. I handed over my leather jacket to Prime Laundry for cleaning. It came back spotless and well-oiled. The service was prompt and courteous.

Dave Longsmith


Do you have questions?

Yes, our expert cleaners offer excellent spot-cleaning services. Depending on the nature of the stain, spot cleaning is done either through a machine or by hand. The prices start from £50.

Yes, our specialised cleaning team can remove mould and mildew that has recently set in on your leather. However, if the mould is old, it may set in deeper and may result in a lightened patch on your jacket after cleaning.

Suede items are difficult to restore. This is why we advise our customers to bring in their suede clothing for a refresh at least twice each year.

Of course! Your jackets are renewed by deep-cleaning them followed by applying a film of matching pigments all over them to remove stains and discolourations.

Yes, we can easily repair and stitch tears, cuts, and scuffs in jackets.

Yes, we can dry clean and restore a leather skirt easily. We use low temperatures and appropriate solvents to return your skirt looking like new.
Prime Laundry in London

Prime Laundry in London

Hello London! Time to say goodbye to loads of laundry. With our laundry pick up London, you don’t have to sweat about washing stacks of clothes anymore. Our tailor-made services cater to the whole of London and surrounding areas. We are flexible, on-demand, and affordable. Your clothes are collected from your doorstep and delivered the same day clean and ironed.

London delivery and pickup

London delivery and pickup

Prime Laundry prides itself on being the best same day laundry service near me. We offer professionally clean and refreshed clothes at just the click of a button. Our laundry pick up London and delivery services are no-effort, contactless, and free. You get your clothes spotlessly cleaned within 24 hours and delivered right on your doorstep.