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Duvet and Bed Linen

Duvets and bed linen items are the most common items that we launder. We refresh your single, double, and king-size bed items including other household textile things. All the items handed over to us in this service are washed and pressed. They are returned in a reusable Prime Laundry bag.

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Duvet and Bed Linen

Freshen up your bedding items with our specialised, efficient, and professional duvet and bed linen laundry service.

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Duvet and Bed Linen Service Pricing

Larger items that require different cleaning process(Up to 72 hours)

Wash & Iron Bedding Items

  • Sheet - Single £ 5.50
  • Sheet - Double £ 6.50
  • Sheet - King £ 7.00
  • Sheet - Superking £ 7.00
  • Duvet Cover- Single £ 6.50
  • Duvet Cover- Double £ 8.00
  • Duvet Cover - King £ 9.00
  • Duvet Cover- Superking £ 9.00
  • Pillow cases £ 2.00

Bulk Items

  • Pillow £ 7.99
  • Feather pillow £ 9.99
  • Duvet - Single £ 13.99
  • Duvet ( Feather) Single £ 15.00
  • Duvet - Double £ 18.00
  • Duvet ( Feather ) Double £ 22.00
  • Duvet - King / Superking £ 22.99
  • Duvet - King / Superking ( Feather ) £ 27.99
  • Blanket Single (Washable) £ 15.00
  • Blanket Double ( Washable) £ 18.00
  • Blanket King / Superking ( Washable) £ 20.00
  • Bedspreads Single & Double £ 15.00
  • Bedspreads King £ 18.00
  • Single Sleeping Bag £ 15.00
  • Mattress Protector - Single £ 14.00
  • Mattress Protector - Double £ 16.00
  • Mattress Protector - King/Superking £ 20.00
  • Curtains £ 0.00
  • Table Cloths £ 10.00

Household Items

  • Cushion Cover - Small £ 8.99
  • Cushion Cover - Medium Or King £ 9.99
  • Bath Mat £ 3.49
  • Table Cloths £ 14.00
  • Hand Towel £ 1.99
  • Bath Towel £ 2.99
  • Bath Robe £ 8.00
  • Tea Towel £ 1.20
  • Aprons £ 4.00
  • Kitchen Towel £ 1.20
  • Bath Sheet £ 3.50
  • Sofa Cover - Large £ 15.00
  • Face Towel £ 1.40

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Duvet and Bed Linen Services for Busy Professionals

Experts recommend washing your bed linen and duvet regularly to get rid of dirt mites. These mites leave bacterial spores that may result in eye infections and irritated skin.

Having a busy schedule leaves us with no time to wash our heavy bed linen items. This often leads to sleepless nights and stress.

But now with Prime Laundry, your expert bed set wash and press service, you never have to worry about losing your sleep or unsanitised bed linen anymore.

Getting your bed items was never this easy. You can get your bedding, bulk, and household items such as bed sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, towels, and spotless in a jiffy.

How Does Our Duvet and Bed Linen Laundry Service Work?

With Prime Laundry, the best bedding and duvet cleaner near you, you don’t need to worry about looking for laundry services anymore.

Our convenient on-demand service lets you plan your day with ease. All you need to do is to just book a slot on our website or app. We will pick up your items from your doorstep and deliver them back to you within 24 hours. You can plan the deliveries at your convenience.

Our Bed Set Wash and Press Service

Whether you have a single, double, or king-sized bed, our bed set wash and press service is perfect for you.

This bed linen laundry service includes a bed sheet, two pillow covers, and a duvet cover.

Our Bed Linen Laundry Service

This service includes washing your bed sheets and bedding. This bed linen laundry service doesn’t involve the ironing of these items. We machine wash, tumble dry and fold your items.

Get Your Duvets, Pillows, and More Cleaned

Not just your bed linen, we are also the best solution for bedding and duvet cleaner near you. We are experts in cleaning comforters, pillows, bedspreads, cushions, bed throws, valances, and mattress toppers.

Rated Excellent by Google

I lead a pretty life with young school-going kids and just can’t make time for cleaning my bed linen frequently. This made me quite worried about hygiene and health issues for my family. I am so happy to discover Prime Laundry’s duvet and bed linen laundry service, which helps me keep my bedding items clean. I can now enjoy time with kids instead of spending time doing laundry.

Kelly Adams

I have been getting my bed linen and duvet covers laundered at Prime Laundry for two years now. Their bed linen laundry service is easy to book and saves me a lot of time. There is nothing like receiving my linen freshly buffed and smelling great. Thank you Prime Laundry.

Sara Fischer

My big blankets and mattress covers are too big to be washed at home. I use Prime Laundry’s bed set wash and press service at least thrice each month to get them clean and sanitised. The team at the laundry service is pretty efficient and answers all my questions.

Brian Speed


Do you have questions?

Yes, we take care of all your household items. This doesn’t just include quilts, blankets, and comforters, but also pillowcases, mattress toppers, bed sheets, bedspreads, and more.

Absolutely! Whether it is a down feather quilt, duvet, or comforter, we clean it all.

No, load wash service is offered only for garments that are brought in for laundry with no ironing service included.

We clean duvets of all sizes including super king, double, king, and single. The same goes for pillowcases. We clean all sizes including standard, queen, and king.

Yes, you can. All these household items can be included in the machine wash, tumble dry, and fold service wash order.
Prime Laundry in London

Prime Laundry in London

Hello London! Time to say goodbye to loads of laundry. With our laundry pick up London, you don’t have to sweat about washing stacks of clothes anymore. Our tailor-made services cater to the whole of London and surrounding areas. We are flexible, on-demand, and affordable. Your clothes are collected from your doorstep and delivered the same day clean and ironed.

London delivery and pickup

London delivery and pickup

Prime Laundry prides itself on being the best same day laundry service near me. We offer professionally clean and refreshed clothes at just the click of a button. Our laundry pick up London and delivery services are no-effort, contactless, and free. You get your clothes spotlessly cleaned within 24 hours and delivered right on your doorstep.