Same Day Dry Cleaning Service Near Me in London with Free Collection & Delivery
7:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Mon-Sun)

Dry cleaning

Cleaned, Ironed and returned to you on hanger by default. Priced per items.


If you're looking for the easiest way to tackle dry cleaning then look no further. We offer distinct on demand dry cleaning services at lowest costs in London. It’s free same collection & next day deliver your clean items to your door. For echo friendly we use reusable laundry black bags for our pickup & delivery services.


  • If you’re not sure which is the best cleaning option (Wash & Iron or Dry cleaning) for an item, do not panic. Pop the items in our black bag as our facilities cleaning experts will always check the care label on your garments before they begin. If there’s no label, our cleaning experts will use their experience knowledge to choose the best possible method.
  • Dry cleaning is a cleaning process that a liquid solvent is used to clean your clothes instead of water and detergent & it is the best process for takeout dirt and odours without risking harm to delicate fabrics cloth.
  • This services including a range of items including blouses, bow ties, tops, coats, curtains, dinner jackets, dinner suits, dinner trousers, dresses, gloves, shirts, skirts, waistcoats , baby items & personal items.

It is important to follow the attention below:

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What’s included in the services?

  • All items processed individually within this service are Dry cleaning only.
  • All items are pre-treated for spotting and treating stains where required.
  • Wedding dresses are extremely delicate, the price will vary depending on size, fabric and embroidment, final Price given after pickup.

Attention for customer!

  • Each items has its own care label from manufacturer confirming the best cleaning process, our facilities cleaning experts will always check the care label on your garments before they begin.
  • No need to list each items as we will count everything you give us.
  • Folded can be requested additionally
  • Please remove all items from your pockets prior to your Prime Laundry collection.
  • We use the stain removal chemical with the expert way, Please note that we cannot promise to wipe out all stains, we always try our best to return your items in spotless condition.