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Commercial Laundry Services

Prime Laundry specialises in commercial laundry and dry cleaning service in London. We provide commercial laundry service to hotels, restaurants, medical departments, casinos, cafes, pizzeria, gyms, fitness studios, salons, spas, industrial, security and offices.

Our commercial dry cleaning and laundry service helps owners and managers across all industries give the right commercial laundry and dry cleaning service. It helps save time and money as our prices are surprisingly competitive. Our exceptionally high quality services and quick turnaround means that our aim to ensure our customer’s requirements always come first.

We know that finding a quality laundry and dry cleaning service can be difficult, which is why we do this service for you. Whether your business needs a regular laundry service or dry cleaning service, consider Prime Laundry, at affordable pricing.

We offer commercial laundry services for:

  • Hotel Laundry Services
    (Bed Linens, Bath Towels, Robes & Employee Uniforms)
  • Medical Laundry Services
    (Healthcare Sheets and Pillowcases, bath mats & Scrubs)
  • Restaurants Laundry & Dry cleaning Services
    (Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Cafes, Pizzeria)
  • Towel Laundry Services
    (Gyms, Fitness Studios, Salons, Spas, and Hotels)
  • Uniform Laundry Services
    (Business, Industrial, Security and Work Wear)
  • Offices
    (Employee or Staff Uniform Dry Cleaning and Laundry)
Commercial Laundry

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