Why Should Your Healthcare Facility Make Use of Laundry Services

January 10th, 2024

Why Should Your Healthcare Facility Make Use of Laundry Services?

For any healthcare facility, patient care is paramount. This not only includes taking care of their healthcare needs but also keeping the patients away from infections occurring from unsanitised linen.


The solution?


Outsourcing your facility’s laundry to a commercial laundry service near me.


If you are still debating about whether to hire commercial laundry services, this blog will help you make the correct decision.


Read on to know more.

Top Benefits of Hiring Commercial Laundry Services for Your Healthcare Facility


Let’s face it. Be it a hospital or a clinic, every healthcare facility is a busy place that has to deal with complex situations. With hundreds of people calling in sick, the last thing you want is a spread of germs and infections through textiles.


This is where a commercial laundry near me service plays a huge part in helping your facility run efficiently.


Here are our top reasons to outsource your laundry to commercial laundry services London.


You Optimise Patient Safety

Irrespective of the size of your medical care facility, hundreds and thousands of towels, bed linen, patient gowns, gloves, masks, and other items are used. These textiles because of secretions, blood, and other fluids often become a breeding ground for infections, posing a huge risk for the patients.


Further, research says that regular cold water machines don’t reliably remove microbes and pathogens from clothes.


Commercial laundry services adhere to the highest standards of cleaning. Specialised in decontamination and deep-cleaning, they assure disinfection through heat penetration, appropriate wash cycles, and reliable disinfectants such as those containing sodium hypochlorite and peroxide.


These commercial laundry near me services also store medical laundry separately to avoid cross-contamination.


It Helps Reduce Costs


The primary focus of any healthcare facility is to treat and rehabilitate its patients. However, when you don’t outsource your laundry and try to do it in-house, it costs more in the long run.


Doing it yourself means purchasing industrial-standard washing machines, cleaning chemicals, and more staff. Not to mention expenses of refills, maintenance, repairs, and hours spent training your staff about dealing with washing operations and handling supplies.


When you outsource your laundry to commercial laundry services, you save on these costs, which can be ploughed back into your clinic to upgrade your services. This means better and quicker patient care and the ability to handle more patients at the same time.


You Can Operate Seamlessly


A medical facility works around the clock. With patients coming in at all times of the day you cannot afford to slow down. Now imagine, you have not outsourced your laundry to commercial dry cleaning and experienced a major breakdown during your peak hours.


This means patients not having access to clean laundry leads to a major health risk. In this situation, you are not just faced with a risk of infections spreading but also having to face financial liabilities.


When you hire commercialdry cleaning services, you have one less thing to worry about and can concentrate on offering the best quality patient care and treatment instead of having to sort and wash the laundry.


Better Utilisation of Space


When you run a medical facility, the last thing you want is heavy laundry cleaning equipment and supplies taking up your space. Healthcare facilities already struggle with finding space to place equipment like their examination tables, x-ray machines, and supplies.


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When you have a commercial laundry service near me managing your washing needs, you can free up this space and use it for more important purposes. This also helps give your staff more space to navigate efficiently.


Prime Laundry: An Experienced Commercial Laundry Services That Helps You


At Prime Laundry, one of the top commercial laundry services London, we understand that medical facility linen needs extra care because of the exposure that it withstands each day. That’s why we maintain the highest standards of care and go that extra mile in laundering your textiles.


Our staff is highly trained in handling laundry from healthcare facilities and meets all the specifications required for handing over clean and sanitised laundry. Get in touch with us today to optimise your facility’s operations while becoming efficient in the long run.