Why do you need hospital laundry services in the UK?

October 26th, 2022

Why do you need hospital laundry services in the UK?

Establishing, running, and maintaining an in-house laundry facility was a trend that remained at its peak till 1st decade of 2010. Since then, laundry services for hospitals have mainly remained to be outsourced as it saves a lot of time, and cost, and solves compliance issues as well. 

There are several issues because of which hospital laundry services are now mainly outsourced. Let’s go through them one by one:


Higher Risk of Contamination

The pandemic has changed the way we live and the healthcare industry is no exception. Covid-19 has forced the government to introduce far strict hygiene and cleaning standards. Because of the new policies and legislation, it has become more and more difficult for hospitals to run in-house facilities.


Therefore, you’ll often see that hospital laundry services are being outsourced. Because when you outsource the laundry services for your hospitals or private clinics to a certified commercial laundry service provider like Prime Laundry, you automatically comply with all the stringent standards. 


Higher Costs Vis-a-Vis In-house Laundry services

Laundry services for hospitals, when performed through in-house facilities, result in incurring expenditures way more than what incur via outsourcing. Why? Because you have to not only purchase high-capacity machines but also need to hire specialists to run and maintain them.


Also, you have to not only pay bills for power uses but also need to pay taxes over them. All of this increases your cost manifold. Therefore, it is always economical these days to outsource laundry services for hospitals to run cost-efficient healthcare facilities. 


Less Space Means Less Revenue 

When you establish a dedicated laundry facility inside your healthcare setup, it occupies a significant space. When you outsource the same, you can use the same space to increase the number of beds. Thus, outsourcing is directly linked to the overall revenue of the laundry setup. 


Less Focus on Primary Duty – Patient Care 

When you establish a dedicated laundry facility inside your hospital or private clinic, it divides your attention. Because now you are more concerned about secondary operations. 


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Administration & Organizational Complexities

Establishing another department within the setup increases the administrational and organizational complexities – something that is completely unnecessary and can be avoided by simply outsourcing healthcare laundry services. Again, when the focus will be on secondary tasks, it will take a direct hit on primary tasks. 



When you outsource laundry services to a commercial laundry service provider like Prime Laundry, it not only saves you the cost but also the time. We collect on same-day and deliver your items (linen, towels, kitchen wear, and all other stuff) cleaned and folded the next day.


Our high-capacity machines can handle any volume of laundry and our highly-trained staff ensures that all standards are met. We collect right from your doorstep and drop your items back at the same place. 


Why Prime Laundry?

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