Wedding Dress Alteration Ultimate Guide

February 25th, 2021

Wedding Dress Alteration Ultimate Guide : Why They Are Important

Your wedding dress needs to suit to perfection, because when it comes down to it, the alterations are everything. No matter how perfect or costly the dress was, if it does not suit you well, it does not look any different than a cheaper dress. If you are unaware where to go for wedding dress alterations, you can find some reputed tailoring shop nearby your area who provide special bridal dress fitting and garment alteration services at best price with free pickup and delivery.


The fact is, most wedding dresses do need some kind of alteration, even though they’re easy ones. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when altering your wedding dress.


Wedding Dress Alteration & Fitting Tips:


#1 – Proper Timing is Everything:


To get the hassle out of wedding-dress alteration, it’s best to buy the dress early. And we mean, very early, about ten months before the ceremony. Although this could be a bit of a shock to certain brides-to-be, the explanation behind it is quite simple: it helps you to have plenty of time for fittings and tailoring. It may take up to five months from the moment you order it to arrive at the bridal shop.


When it comes to alteration or fitting the wedding dress, make the last two fittings two months before the wedding, and make the actual fittings no less than two weeks before the wedding. When you make big style improvements, such as reworking the corset or cups, add a few more weeks to the mix.


#2 – Pick Your Tailor Carefully:


Wedding Dress Tailor


The one giving you the lowest cost is not necessarily the most skilled specialist for the kind of position you seek. Trust us when we tell you that you get what you’re asking for. If you want to trust a less trustworthy tailor only because they provide cheap services, then odds are you’ll soon be searching for someone to correct the wrongs and pay extra money for it.


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#3 – Budget for Wedding Dress Alterations:


Despite preparing anything else for wedding dress alteration, many brides do not understand their wedding dress alteration cost. If you need to make substantial adjustments to your outfit, make sure you figure it into your allotted dress budget.


#4 – Bring All Your Accessories:


Wedding Accessories


When you line up for fittings and change your outfit, don’t just bring your gown – bring anything you’re going to wear on the wedding day. Bring the undies, or the shapewear, and the bra you choose to wear. Your shoes are also important, as they determine the length of which the dress can be adjusted. If you don’t have your shoes ready for the first fitting, try taking them to a comparable height. Bring your hair accessories, necklace and veil as it will help you achieve the correct overall balance. With all the accessories in order, it’s going to be a lot easier to alter your dress appropriately and get a feeling for a full, final overall look.


#5 – Bring a Friend of Family Member:


It’s best to take a few people close to you and trust you so they can give you truthful feedback on how you look. But before you dream of getting all your bridesmaids together, let us stop you right there. It may not be such a smart idea to carry a lot of people to such a significant fitting; so many thoughts and diverse personalities floating about may confuse you and do more harm than good. Choose someone dear to you who will really teach you the harsh truths.


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#6 – Buy the size you need, not the size you want:


Wedding dresses are typically short. If you’re normally a 10 or a 12, your wedding dress is likely to be 14 or even 16. And if you’re looking to lose weight for your wedding, try to get away from getting fixed to a certain height and focus on having the best match for your present. Some brides buy a smaller dress 10 months before the wedding, assuming they’re going to lose weight, and when that doesn’t happen, they’re left in a bad dress. Don’t make the mistake and get the size number hung up.


#7 – Get Your Alterations Right:


The day of your dreams should only have a dreamy dress to go in – and although you might have spotted one and bought it, it doesn’t stop there. Alterations are an integral part of discovering the right match for a wedding dress.


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