steam ironing on your clothes

October 20th, 2021

Easy And Effective Ways To Use Steam Ironing On Your Clothes

Pristine clothing gives you a touch of personality. Maintaining the crispiness and smoothness of your garments can be difficult at times, especially if the wrinkles are deep. That’s where using steam ironing for clothes comes into play. Steam ironing for clothes can recover the smoothness of your garments just as effectively! It’s also a great option to hire ironing service for better results of your neat clothes. You must know how to use a steam iron properly. And today I have prepared different tips for steam ironing for clothes.


Tips to Steam Ironing for Clothes:


#1 – Sort Your Clothes:



Sort Your Clothes


Sort your clothes according to the temperature at which they’ll be ironed, such as silks, cotton, polyesters, and other fabrics. It will make things easy for you. Each category can be pressed together.


#2 – Use an Ironing Board:


If possible, always use an ironing board. Alternatively, if you don’t have an ironing board, you can use a flat surface like a table or a wide countertop. The ironing board helps absorb the heat and moisture, thereby keeping the garment from damaging.


#3 – Fill the Water Reservoir:


Always fill the iron’s water reservoir before steam ironing for clothes. Check the product manual for instructions on how to fill it properly. Also, ensure you’re using filtered water. Using unfiltered water after ironing might cause calcium formation on the fabric, causing stains.


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#4 – Maintaining the Proper Heat Temperature:


Ironing services to set the temperature on your iron to the temperature suggested on the wash care label of your fabric.


Ensure the iron is half heated before you start ironing. Make sure you don’t hold your air for more than 7-8 seconds. Under no conditions should you use a heat setting that is too high or low?


#5 – The Iron’s Movement:


ironing service


You were probably doing it wrong if you moved your iron in circular motions. Circular motion can cause problems with your garment’s fabric. I recommend trying an up-and-down motion. For the best results, work just on the natural folds of your pleated clothing.


#6 – Keep Delicate Clothes Safe:


Before steam ironing for clothes, double-check the garment’s wash care label. If the clothing is made of a delicate material, such as chiffon or lace, place a cotton cloth between it and the iron to have a layer of protection. The garment may be damaged if it is exposed to heat.


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#7 – Remove the Buttons from the Clothes:


Unbutton any buttons on your clothes if there are any. It increases the effectiveness of the task. It allows the iron to keep flowing and uninterruptedly. However, ironing with buttons can sometimes cause damage to your clothes.


#8 – Hang After Ironing:


Hang After Ironing


Once you’ve done steam ironing, carefully hang the clothing on a coat hanger to dry naturally. If you leave it unattended on a sofa or couch, it may wrinkle as it dries.


#9 – For Stubborn Creases:


Use the steam option on your iron to remove wrinkles from your garments. Check the product manual for advice on how to do it properly. Put your clothes flat on a table or other level surface. Steam ironing the clothing while ironing with a grain of the fabric helps to flatten the wrinkles. If wrinkles remain, sprinkle some water and repeat the process. However, before steam ironing for clothes, make sure to read the wash care label and see if it can be steam ironed.


Final Words:


When you use your steam iron correctly, you can get amazing results. Always read the product manual for proper usage instructions. It’s important to remember not to rest your iron directly on your garment, as this might cause constant damage. Before unplugging the iron, make sure the switch is turned off. Ironing services like Prime Laundry provide the best ironing service along with proper care and other laundry services.