Ways to remove stains from clothes

March 5th, 2021

5 Ways To Remove Stains From Your Clothes

Imagine you are out for dinner, and you drop red wine on your white dress- whether it’s your dress or you borrowed from one of your friends. Of course, you can opt for laundry services, but every time we see our favorite clothes, we ensure that we will never mess up with them, and we spend so much time caring for our favorite dress. Even if we do the laundry completely right, the stain never goes, and we know that frustration, and we get it when you ruin your favorite dress, just like that! But did you know that targeting the stains from the right angle will make them run away like never?


But to help you with your stains, we have put together a list of expert techniques to remove stains below.


How to remove stains from your clothes?


remove stains from your clothes


Fighting back against the uninvited guests is now possible, with most laundry services experts using remedies. Wouldn’t that be awesome if your clothes stayed stain-free, at least most of the time, and even if it is stained, you can easily clean up those stains out of your clothes with these below-mentioned tips?


#1 – Scrape and Blot


Remember, if you ever spill food on your dress, always scrub it off as fast as you can. Remove the food as soon as it spills, and make sure that you don’t rub the food because it might make things worse for your favorite dress. Never rub the spilled food off your clothing, and always be sure to use some dull or light objects like a spoon, or credit card, or even a butter knife don’t use your fingers. Once removed, you can use a tissue or a clean paper towel to blot it off. Of course, you can also tie-up with a good laundry service that will get you to the best.


#2 – And Club Soda is not a good idea


“Did you say club soda? Oh well, every time I spill food, club soda comes as my life savior!” It’s not a good idea to use club soda, and I don’t think that it comes in handy. It will add up more laundry work for you once you reach up to clean the dress you spilled. Relax, and be calm- never panic and worsen the stain more. As soon as you spill, remove as much as you can, and wait until you reach home with proper cleaning tools and powders and liquids. You can easily clean up the stains once you have enough time and products- handy!


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#3 – Know the kind of stain that’s spilled!


Did you know that there are more than three kinds of food stains? Then, there are other types of stains such as grass, dye, etc. One of the most popular categories is protein, grease, and tannin. And you have to understand the food stain category and only then proceed with its treatment. Many of us believe that just throwing the cloth in the washing machine can make the stain go away- NO, IT WON’T! You have to treat the stains according to their type, and only then will you find it vanished.


#4 – Go with a pre-treating cleaning agent


Laundry Cleaning Agents (Detergents)


Yes, always remember to treat your cloth’s stained or spilled area with a cleaning agent that will have the pre-treating effect. You can treat stains with vinegar and water- in case of tannin stains. If it’s grease or protein stains, you can make use of dishwasher detergent, or you can also treat it with several pre-treating products that are already available and used by top laundries in London. It can be done quite quickly, and it helps with the other process of the laundry too. Make sure that you don’t put on the clothes instantly after you pre-treat them, wait for 15 minutes, and put them in your washing machine.


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#5 – Still unsure? Pick laundry in London


And it’s totally okay to be stuck in your laundry things and not knowing what to do. However, for people like us, there are several laundry services near me that will help you with the right laundry service for stained clothes. Well, never try to DIY; if you are in doubt, it might worsen your clothes and put you into trouble. You can blot with a paper towel, as much as you need it, but don’t rub the stains at all. You can do the laundry yourself, only if you are sure about it. Or else, taking it to the professional could be the right choice.




It’s now easy to wash your stained clothes with the top laundry services near me in London, and you will find the best options to get your clothes cleaned up perfectly. However, if you are doing the cleaning on your own, you should make sure that you are not following any unrealistic methods and follow only expert laundry and dry-cleaning tips that will help your clothes for a longer life. Have a happy laundry!