Top 10 Easy Ways To Get Your Laundry Done Aboard A Cruise

May 13th, 2022

Top 10 Easy Ways To Get Your Laundry Done Aboard A Cruise

Are you gearing up for an adventurous cruise across the Pacific? Do you plan to set sail with your friends and enjoy the Atlantic for a couple of months or so? You may also be a navy official who spends almost half a year aboard ships and sailboats. If your answer is in affirmative to any of the afore-mentioned questions, then it is time for you to take note of tackling the tedious job of laundry for sailors and dry cleaning services for navy officers aboard the cruise. Now, don’t get alarmed. Even though laundry for navy officers is easier said than done, there are quite a few effective methods that may be employed to make sure that the laundry gets done right on time.


Top 10 Ways to Deal with Laundry and Dry Cleaning Aboard a Cruise:


Take note of the quick and easy ways to rinse your laundry while aboard the cruise, as briefly described below:


#1 – Try out the traditional soap and washboard:


This mode of laundry for sailors is pretty simple. One has to soak the laundry in water, and then place the soaked clothes on the washboard. Scrub gently with soap and rinse the soapy clothes with water. Hang them out on the deck to dry. This method is slightly strenuous.


#2 – Use a bucket with a lid and rope:


linen clothing washing


This method of laundry for navy officers may be a tad too risky as it involves tossing a bucket of clothes into the sea. However, if the lid of the bucket is super tight and the rope is long and strong, then your clothes will be perfectly safe. Fill the bucket with your soiled clothes and then throw it overboard. Hold tightly to the rope while the bucket gets tossed and turned by the choppy waves.


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#3 – Get into the bathtub:


If you think that the bathtub is only for bathing, then you can think again. Washing clothes in the bathtub is perhaps the most convenient form of laundry for sailors. All that you need to do is fill the bathtub with water, pour in a handful of detergent, and wash the clothes most easily.


#4 – The kitchen sink is a smart choice:


Don’t just wash plates and dishes at the kitchen sink. Use it for washing your clothes as well. Turn on the tap and stomp the soiled clothes under the tap water to make them clean. It may be slightly inconvenient but it is certainly less risky than tossing a bucket of clothes into the sea.


#5 – Give the good old mesh bag a try:


Old Mesh Laundry Bags


Fill the mesh bag with your clothes and then tie it to the sailboat in such a way that it gets dragged against the waves of the sea. Rinse the clothes with fresh water after drying them out to get rid of the salt that remains in the clothes.


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#6 – Use the onboard electric washer:


Cruise liners often come with washing machines to provide the service of laundry for navy officers and sailors. Use the washer and dryer of the onboard washing machine to rinse your clothes in no time.


#7 – Make the best of your shower time:


Use the shower in the bathroom not only for bathing but also for rinsing dirty linen. Use a soap to scrub out the stains and rinse thoroughly with the shower water. Follow these tips to take care of linen clothing.


#8 – The dinghy stomp always works:


Simply fill the bottom of the dinghy with rain water, add some detergent, and wash your clothes until they become clean. Hanging the clothes on the deck to dry afterwards is the simplest mode of dry cleaning for sailors.


#9 – Visit the laundromat:


visit laundromat


Wait until you reach the port and then visit your local laundromat like Prime Laundry to avail of quick laundry and dry cleaning services for navy officers.


#10 – Use a bucket and plunger:


Fill the bucket with water, add the washing powder, and then toss in your clothes into the soapy water. You may either use the bathroom plunger or buy a plunger online to rinse the clothes by agitation in this method of laundry for sailors.


Now that you have quite a few easy approaches to getting your laundry done up your sleeve, it is time to get down to action. Rinse your pretty dresses and suits and iron them to even out the creases before tucking them into the wardrobe aboard the cruise. Step out in squeaky clean outfits every day and don’t forget to have fun on the cruise.