Towel Service Is It Customer Service Or Money Pit?

November 10th, 2021

Towel Service: Is It Customer Service Or Money Pit?

Many fitness centres, health clubs, spas, hospitality businesses, and corporate offices offer Towel cleaning service as part of their membership or with an attached service. Some companies provide service for free, while others require a fee.


Some providers believe that providing a towel hire service can increase client experience and brand image, while others say it is a waste of money. If you don’t correctly cover your costs, your towel service could be more money waste than the service is worth. So, is towel hire service beneficial to your company or disadvantageous?


Reasons to Provide a Towel Laundry Service:


Towel Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service


  • It is a thoughtful service that your customers will enjoy. They don’t have to carry their towels or bring about used ones all day.
  • When you make your customers’ lives easier, the experience is bound to stick with them, leading to a great message and a brand reputation.
  • It is a fantastic eco-friendly option for paper towels. Because paper towels like to tear easily, consumers will need many paper towels, leading to more waste and a larger environmental impact.


Towel Laundry Service Challenge:


  • Purchase, storage, laundry and supplies, replacement, and constant monitoring are all additional expenses. It’s essential to keep an eye on the towels at all times to make sure they don’t go missing.
  • Each of these duties requires time and resource allocation, pulling your employees’ focus away from the primary industry.


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Well Managed Towel Service Can Be a Valuable Advantage for the Company:


Well Managed Towel Service


Towel service is a value-added service that customers expect and think about when deciding whether or not to change to a rival provider. It is possible to use towel service as an opportunity to improve customer support and brand image with proper planning.


Using a professional third-party towel service, such as Prime Laundry, is the best option to turn towel service into a company advantage and reap the rewards. Here are some of the advantages of hiring a towel laundry service.


  • Save money on towel buying, renewals, storage, and laundering. You won’t have to spend money on laundry supplies like detergent and washer/dryer systems.
  • Your resource and operating efficiency will both benefit from a careful towel service. When your employees and other resources have other important tasks to do, they won’t be stuck running about looking for towels and managing them all day.


What Makes Prime Laundry Towel Service Special?


As part of our commercial laundry services, we provide towel service. We offer clean, high-quality towel laundry service at the most reasonable costs to a wide range of enterprises. If you already have an in-house towel service, you can use our low-cost towel laundry service.


We can develop a laundry solution that is designed for specific needs. Our towel products and services are of the highest quality and most hygienic, and they are all available at a reasonable price.


Moreover, we provide a free service sample and a cost analysis! Based on your requirements, our delivery system is flexible and frequent. A flexible towel storage system is also available.


Final Words:


Remember hygiene and good towel services enhance your brand image. Without purchasing a towel, you can use it again by cleaning. And must hire a professional commercial laundry service because they use the correct chemicals and proper techniques to wash your towels.


Prime Laundry provides an end-to-end towel commercial laundry service that is customized to your company. You can depend on us to add more value to a business as London’s premier laundry service for years.