Things to Do Before You Drop Off Your Clothes for Dry Cleaning

June 16th, 2021

6 Things To Do Before You Drop Off Your Clothes For Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning by a professional is often the only option to keep certain apparel items like bridal gowns and tuxedos in good condition. As a result, most of us will need to employ dry cleaning services at some time in our lives. All of your garments will be thoroughly cared for by high-end dry cleaners. Using the services of a professional dry cleaner in London can also help you extend the life of your favourite clothes.


Here are some dry cleaning tips before you drop off your clothes for dry cleaning services.


#1 – Look for Stains:


Stain Removal


If your garments have any stains or blemishes that require particular treatment, please be sure to let the dry cleaner know. Because some imperfections and stains on your garments may necessitate expert cleaning and maintenance, this is a good idea. Additionally, make sure to identify the cause of the stain, as this will undoubtedly aid the dry cleaners in their work.


#2 – Check for Damages:


Take a few moments to properly inspect the current state of your clothing. If your garments have any concerns, such as missing buttons, damaged zippers, or missing threads, let the dry cleaning business know when you drop them off. They will make the required preparations to restore your clothing as soon as possible.


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#3 – Review the Label:


Review the Label


It is critical to read the labels on clothing items before delivering them to the dry cleaner. By reading the label, you will be able to determine whether the clothing requires any particular care. If you’re unsure, take the items to a dry cleaner and ask for their assistance. Furthermore, for any apparel, dry cleaning is always safer and better than machine washing.


#4 – Protect the Garments During Transportation:


When taking your sensitive clothing items to the dry cleaners, keep them out of direct sunlight. Long-term exposure to the sun can cause the fibres in your garments to deteriorate. Cover your garments with protective bags and store them in the trunk of your car or behind the window screens.


#5 – Empty the Pockets:


Empty Pocket


Some of us forget to take our phone or wallet out of the pockets of our jeans or coats before taking them to the dry cleaners. Make sure your pockets are empty and double-check that they aren’t stuffed with anything.


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#6 – DON’T – Be Afraid to Make Special Requests:


Don’t be hesitant to speak up and express any special requirements, whether you’re bringing in your apparel for the first or tenth time. We want you to feel and look your best, and to leave with pride, so please let us know if you’d want us to manage your belongings in a certain way. Furthermore, if we are aware of any delicate or ornamented fabrics, we will be able to accomplish the greatest outcomes and provide superior service.


We ensure that every item we clean is treated with care and respect by our highly experienced team of experts who provide world class cleaning service, every time. We are working hard to earn your trust and It’s our pleasure to keep our customers satisfied with our quality & 100% happiness services. For more details, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (+44) 798-437-5336.