15 Surprising And Unexpected Things You Can Put In Laundry

January 25th, 2021

15 Surprising And Unexpected Things You Can Put In Laundry

Now, we all know that our laundry machines can be used for more than just clothes—think shoes, bedding, and even baseball caps. But that’s not all. Do you know there is so much more this washing machine is capable of? If you are afraid to wash some items in washing machine, visit your nearby laundromat service to wash more surprising and unexpected things than clothes.


Here are 15 surprising and unexpected things you should put in the washing machine or laundry machine and come out with a shiny clean. Remember to check the washing directions on any products they have.


Surprising And Unexpected Things You Should Put in Laundry or Washing Machine:


#1 – Pet Beds:


You will wash a lot of pet beds in your laundry machine. It will help to reduce your clothes, pet smells, and your cat or dog will prefer to sleep on a clean bed. Second, make sure you clean the hair off the bunk. If the bed is too heavy, you should wash it in the tub by hand. When you buy a pet bed, use one with a reversible cover for quick washing.



#2 – Running Shoes/Sneakers:


Running Shoes/Sneakers for washing


If you just want to disinfect your shoes properly, first remove the laces and wash them individually (if they’re white, you can use bleach). Then just put your shoes in a mesh bag and wash them with warm water and detergent!


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#3 – Canvas Backpacks:


Are you afraid of washing your kid’s canvas bag? Kid’s canvas bags can be washed without fear. Turn them inside out and wash them with warm water and a few towels.



#4 – Oven Mitts and Potholders:


Dirty oven mitts, potholders, fabric trivets? They are going into the washer. If you have versions of silicone, they will go in the unit, too.



#5 – Baseball Caps:


After a long, hot summer baseball hat, you might start feeling pretty hard. Sweat stains and debris pile up easily. But a decent wash will make your favourite cap look fresh.



#6 – Grocery Bags:


Grocery Bags in Washing Machine


These reusable shopping bags are good for the climate, but they can get pretty dirty. Luckily, the clothes bags are washable. Just wash them normally with other clothes and they are ready to go.


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#7 – Sports Equipment:


Believe it or not, there might be a lot of athletic equipment in the laundry. Sport equipment like elbow pads, knee pads and the like can comfortably survive the washing machine. Using warm water, a soft cycle, and dry air.



#8 – Stuffed Animals:


Kids get something dirty, and not just that, when they are little, we can take extra precautions to make sure that what they put on their mouths is clean and disinfected. Put them in a mesh bag every few weeks and wipe off the grime. Dry air.



#9 – Yoga Mats:


Yoga Mats for Laundry


If your mat is washable (most of it is), chuck it in the washing machine. Hang it to dry but be aware that it can take a day or two, so make sure you have a spare.



#10 – Mop Heads:


With every use of a mop head, you can clean and sanitize your mop heads. You can do that by hand, or you can only use your laundry machine. Place your mop head in a mesh bag and use the hottest water available. The result: a smooth, sanitised mop head able to deal with some sort of mess.



#11 – Shower Curtains and Liners:


Shower Curtains and Liners For Laundry


An easy way to keep the shower curtains and liners clean and clear from mildew is to wash them regularly. Simply wash them in warm water with a few towels in a delicate setting. Hang to dry out.



#12 – Small Toys:


Do you have a lot of plastic toys (like Legos) that are looking a bit grim? Do not panic! Shoot and wash them in a mesh bag. They are going to come out so bright that the kids think they’re brand new!



#13 – Car Mats:


Car mats can get pretty dirt easily. Yet you can quickly banish the traces of salt and dirt. Next, give the mats a gentle shake to release some sand or big particles of soil. Then wash them with warm water on a delicate machine. You should bring in some old towels to keep the noise down.



#14 – Gym Bag:


Gym and hockey bags can get very smelly, and most of them can be cleaned in the machine. Make sure your bag and any pockets are closed. Clean with warm water on the fragile.



#15 – Silicone Kitchen Tools:


Silicone baking mats, moulds, equipment, oven mitts and trivets can all be tossed in with daily washing to scrub. Using steam or hot water and a heavy-duty detergent to cut the oils left out of the food.


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