Top 9 Quirkiest Summer Laundry Tips & Hacks

May 3rd, 2022

Top 9 Quirkiest Summer Laundry Tips & Hacks

Are you scared that you might have to spend the whole weekend doing laundry? Do you need a break from laundry and dry cleaning? If you badly need a break from laundry work then you are at the right place. Doing laundry work in summer may sound like a strenuous and tedious task but it is actually a breeze.
Summer months are for barbecues in the backyard, frolicking around in swimming pools, and camping outdoors. There is hardly any point in missing out on summer just because there is a pile of laundry waiting for you at home. So quit cancelling the weekend picnic plans and take note of the easy laundry hacks to manage laundry pile for summer described below to get your laundry done in no time in summer.


Nine Simple Ways of Doing Laundry Quickly in Summer:


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#1 – Toss a few ice cubes into the dryer:


Steam treatment is a great way to reduce ironing piles and creases, and an easy trick to create steam is to add a few ice cubes to the dryer. The ice combines with the heat of the dryer and creates steam that eases out the wrinkles in the clothes placed in the dryer.


#2 – Pop the clothes into the refrigerator:


Are you trying hard to remove chewed up gum from your shirt? Quit trying and put your clothes in the refrigerator instead. Let the shirt freeze overnight and then remove the gum easily the next morning. If there is anything sticking stubbornly to your clothes, then all that you need to do is refrigerate it for a night for the sticky particles to fall right off.


#3 – Get rid of greasy stains with chalk:


If the stain on your clothes appears oily or greasy then dust a pinch of chalk powder or rub the stain with chalk to eliminate the greasiness. Once the greasiness disappears, toss the clothes in the washing machine and use a tablespoon of detergent powder to remove the stain spots from clothes and marks.


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#4 – Spray the clothes with clear white vinegar:


Vinegar to Wash Your Towel


Do your clothes stink of sweat and last night’s alcohol binge? Do away with the odor in an instant by spraying the clothes with a dash of plain white vinegar. The chemicals in white vinegar deodorise the clothes and help in getting clean faster in the washing machine.


#5 – Smooth out the wrinkles with water:


If you are struggling with stubborn wrinkles then it is time to drown your struggles in a bottle of water. A spray bottle, to be exact. Spray water along the wrinkles and give the clothes a few good shakes to smoothen the wrinkles.


#6 – Clean the flip-flops in washing machines:


One of the most useful summer laundry tips is to clean flip-flops and slippers in the washing machine instead of scrubbing them with soap. Set the washing machine to a delicate cycle setting and then toss in the soiled flip-flops along with a spoonful of detergent to rinse out the dirt.


#7 – Remove the stains first:


Smudge Removing Technique


Even if it is just a stain, it is always best to get rid of it first, as stains often tend to persist beyond the washing cycle. If it is a make-up stain then wipe it out with a dollop of shaving cream. If the stain is sticky, then place the clothes in a bucket of cold water mixed with detergent for about ten minutes. Rinse the clothes with a solution of water and vinegar to wipe out the stain completely.


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#8 – Create a sorting station:


A sorting station goes a long way in easing the process of doing laundry. Provide every family member with a laundry basket and sort the clothes of each family member into different baskets to prevent the mixing of laundry after washing and dry-cleaning.


#9 – Soften the water to be used for washing clothes:


Hard water is often contaminated with calcium and magnesium compounds that have an adverse effect on laundry. Washing clothes in hard water makes the clothes stiff and dull. Add softener chemicals to the hard water to ensure the durability and softness of clothes after laundry.




Let the merry season of Summer go on forever now that you have the laundry work all sorted out. Don’t let laundry work ruin your picnic mood. However, if you are still worried about getting your laundry done in summer, then you can always opt for professional laundry services by signing up with Prime Laundry. At Prime Laundry, we collect your clothes from your registered address, wash and dry-clean them, and then deliver the clean clothes to your doorstep. Nonetheless, the laundry hacks for summer are a great help.