Suit Alteration For Men What Your Tailor Can Do For You

June 22nd, 2021

Suit Alteration For Men: What Your Tailor Can Do For You

While things have changed since then, and for the great majority of men, ready-to-wear suits have replaced custom tailoring, there is still a reason to become friends with a man of the suit alteration.


You’ll have all kinds of sartorial wizardry at your fingers if you have a decent tailor on speed dial, from giving weary clothes a new lease of life to making a low-cost suit appear a lot more costly.


Don’t despair if you put on a jacket and discover the arms are a little too long, the jacket is bagging across your front, or the jacket is swallowing the hollow of your back. A good alterations tailor can help you attain the appearance and feel of a custom suit by tweaking a ready-to-wear suit practically everywhere that matters.


Suit Jacket Alteration Tips:


#1 – Lengthen Or Shorten The Suit Sleeves:


Lengthen Or Shorten Suit Sleeves


A suit’s sleeves should, in an ideal world, fall to the wrist and reveal about a quarter-inch of shirt cuff under. That’s the notion, but let’s be honest: we all have different arms. This is readily solved if you have trouble finding coats with sleeves that end where they should.


An alterations tailor should be able to adjust the cuff buttons on your jacket and pick up or let down the sleeves by around an inch. It’s more difficult to accomplish this with functional cuffs that fasten or unfasten, so if you’re having trouble finding sleeves that fit, look for businesses who sell “sham” or “fake” cuffs. If you are not sure you can always visit suit alteration near London.


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#2 – Chip The Suit Jacket’s Shoulders:


chip suit jacket shoulders


If all else fails, tailors can remove the shoulders of a jacket in a process known as ‘chipping,’ which entails removing the sleeves, cutting or chipping away the shoulder pads, and then putting the entire thing back together. It’s like major surgery for tailoring, and it may go horribly wrong.


However, if you locate the perfect tailor and are having trouble getting a jacket’s shoulders to fit you properly, this is absolutely worth a shot. If you have a small frame, try this adjustment, but make sure you pick a tailor that understands what they’re doing.


#3 – Take In The Suit Jacket’s Waist:


Take In The Suit Jacket’s Waist


This change, more than any other, has the power to completely shift the appearance of a ready-to-wear suit. At its most basic level, the suit is designed to give you a manly interpretation on an hourglass form by elongating your shoulders and following your natural waistline.


If you have broad shoulders or a hollow back, this isn’t always the case, and the excess fabric in the jacket’s waist might swallow you whole. To avoid this, have the jacket taken in at the side seams, which will suit the entire garment to your frame and eliminate any bagginess. Most tailors can pin a jacket to your body and have it fit like a glove within a week.


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#4 – Rotate A Suit Jacket Sleeve:


Rotate Suit Jacket Sleeve


Changing the pitch of a jacket’s sleeve – the angle at which the sleeve is joined at the shoulder and the accompanying way it fits on your arm – isn’t so much a commonplace change as an astonishing piece of engineering, and it’s definitely not for tailoring newbies.


The pitch you need is usually determined by characteristics like your posture, but off-the-peg suit merchants don’t know you, which is where this sartorial edit comes in. Keep in mind that even the tiniest change in pitch necessitates the removal of the entire sleeve, so save this one for a blazer or sports jacket you plan on using for a long time.


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