Steps To Wash A Weighted Blanket

February 14th, 2021

Stress- Free Steps To Wash A Weighted Blanket

We all have spent a lot of time nesting in our homes this year and keeping our beds as warm as possible. In fact, many of us have invested in a weighted blanket, which small studies claim will help to alleviate anxiety and boost sleep quality. As with any bed covering, the weighted blanket will need to be washed regularly. It is better to search the blanket manufacturer’s website for precise care guidance, but in general, here is what you should do about how to wash a weighted blanket:


Guide To Proper Washing And Cleaning A Weighted Blanket:


Sooner or later, that weighted blanket is going to get a little dusty. Luckily, anytime it happens, you can wash it. However, you need to bear in mind that you wash weighted blankets differently from normal blankets. But different weighted blankets might have different care instructions. Blankets may be made from various fabrics.  So make sure you don’t accidentally create a mess while washing and drying the weighted blanket.


Check Your Fabric.


Whether it is made of cotton, a cotton-polyester mix, or a fleece blend, it’s possibly washable. If it’s a go, remember the weight of your blanket. Generally, you can wash a blanket that is no more than 20 pounds at home in your front loader, or if you have a high-efficiency top-loader that has no agitator attached to the center.


“For blankets weighing more than 20 pounds, it is best to head to the laundry or dry cleaners nearby your area to use huge commercial washers that can handle the extra weight. As with most heavy objects, such as pillows, the blanket needs to be tumbled freely to get clean.


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How Do I Wash My Weighted Blanket?


drying weighted blankets


Clean the blanket on its own to avoid lint, pillaging, or harm from products that have zippers, for example. Using some gentle detergents. If it is a cotton scarf, wash it warm or cold, never hot. Whether it is cotton-polyester, wash it cold. Fleece may be washed in warm or cold weather, but do not use a fabric softener that leaves a sticky layer and destroys the softness.


If it has stains, handle it like you would any piece of laundry: pre-treatment with a stain remover and wash as normal. Wash a regular, not a fragile cycle. “It has to spin rapidly to wring out as much water as possible.


How Do I Dry My Weighted Blanket?


It is perfect to dry the most washable blankets in the dryer at low to medium heat. They can be very heavy when wet, but line drying is not recommended because the line is going to sag and drop (plus, it could take to dry thoroughly forever!). A commercial dryer is recommended for blankets weighing more than 20 pounds.


Dryer sheets, which are a form of fabric softener, are good to use with cotton blankets but are not preferred for other types of fabrics. Using an extended tumble period to make sure your blanket is fully dry, and then enjoy a warm, fresh cuddly blanket!


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Things to Avoid While Drying Weighted Blankets:


As described earlier, only use a gentle laundry detergent that does not contain bleach or softener. Depending on the cloth, certain fabric softeners may create up a weighted blanket to make it feel scratchy or rigid.


  • This is certainly not the desired result of the softeners of the fabric.
  • In the case of bleach, chlorine, even though filtered, may allow the fibers in the cloth to break down. Washing a weighted blanket with diluted bleach can shorten the lifetime of the blanket, making it easier to carry.
  • Fabric softener and bleach can also negatively affect fillers in a drying weighted blanket, allowing them to break down or clump together.
  • Only be conscious that the weighted blankets are unique and, as such, need unique washing.


Specific Instructions for Different Fabrics:


Blankets Fabrics




Cotton is the best cloth to wash. It is very durable. You should be able to chuck a cotton-weighted blanket in your washer on a cool rinse cycle and then place it down in the dryer or hang it to dry. Choose the regular gentle cotton laundry detergent.




Flannel is somewhat similar to cotton, but you can obey several of the same guidelines for washing and drying (unless the care tag says differently). Put it in the laundry machine, cold or wet, with the usual gentle detergent. Just hang it to dry or bring it back in the dryer.




Silk is a very rare cloth for a weighted blanket, so if you have it, it is safer to dry it off. You should find the stains closely, but for the most part, silk needs dry cleaning.




In the same sense, wool is not usually a machine-washable cloth. Wool needs either hand washing or dry cleaning. Check the care label to be positive, but most certainly, you’ll have to gently wash a wool-weighted blanket and hang it to dry to avoid shrinkage or injury.




Rayon normally has to be hand-washed as well, however, again, check the care mark to be sure. It is easy to hurt or shrink, so wash your hand carefully and lie it flat to dry.


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