effective ways of dry cleaning washing silk clothes

January 20th, 2022

Effectively And Smartly Washing Silk Clothes At Home

As silk is such a delicate material, you should hand washing silk clothes you own. Check the tag on your silk clothing for the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedure before washing it.


You can still hand washing silk clothes with cold water and gentle soap if it says Dry Clean Only. If the tag specifies gentle cleaning, you can hand wash the silk clothing or use the “Delicates” setting on your washing machine. Today we discuss different ways of washing silk clothes effectively.


Unique and Effective Ways of Washing Silk Clothes:


#1 – Divide:


It’s generally good to sort your laundry by colour and material, but it’s essential when dealing with silk. If anything, hand-washing clothing one at a time is preferable.


Because the dye may leak when washing silk for the first time, it is essential to wash items separately.


#2 – Use Cold Water:


cold water for silk laundry


Regardless of the material, dyes will fade after washing. There is no way around it. The fading captures the spirit of dyeing and working with natural materials.


To prevent discoloration, silk dry cleaning and laundry is suggested to avoid touching your sink’s left knob or handle. In hot water, printed silk can leak. Use just cold water.


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#3 – Do Not Use Harsh Detergent:


Silk is a delicate fabric that should be treated with care. Heavy-duty detergents designed for cotton or synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, will not work.


Instead, silk laundry recommends washing your silk clothing in cold water with a quarter teaspoon of light organic detergent and fabric softener for no more than five minutes to maintain their longevity.


There are also some cleaning detergents specifically designed for washing silk at home.


#4 – How To Treat Stains:


Remove Color Stains from clothes


When it comes to silk, skip the spot treatment and wash the complete garment. Make your mild stain-removing solution: 2 cups lukewarm water + 2 teaspoons lemon juice + 2 tablespoons white vinegar.


This recipe is particularly effective at removing deodorant and sweat stains. Before cleaning, as always, check for colour fastness. Once you’re clear, put your mixture into a clean spray bottle and squirt it on the stain.


Gently massage the mixture into the area using a sponge or a second layer of fabric. The key is to be gentle; touching the fibres can harm them.


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#5 – Avoid Using Machine Dryers:


Avoid putting silk in the dryer at all times because it will change the garment’s shape, size, and texture. Instead, after washing your hands, rewash them in cold water.


Squeeze any extra water out of the garment and shake it to remove any creases and even out the area.


#6 – How To Remove Wrinkles:


Reducing Wrinkles from the Clothes



While steaming silk is more complicated than ironing. Silk clothes laundry suggests you should also make sure your steamer is designed to work with delicate fabrics.


If you must press your clothing, turn it inside out (it should always be pretty wet) and use a low setting. Use your steamer on dry clothing, keeping in mind that the temperature will not be too harsh.


If the steamer drips and a water stain occurs, soak the item in cool water and let it dry. The spot should be removed.


Last Words:


When you take your silk clothing to the silk clothes laundry, point out any stains. Let them know about any home remedies you’ve tried, as this may impact the outcome.


Also, give silk laundry a friendly reminder if you’ve ever had a problem with colour fastness. If you want to maintain your silk clothing, hire Prime Laundry for the best silk laundry.


Their professional team knows how to care for your silk clothing. So without any hesitation hire them and get your silk like a pro.