Should You Wash Your Online Clothes? Here’s What Expert Says

February 9th, 2024

Should You Wash Your Online Clothes? Here’s What Expert Says

Do your brand-new online clothes need laundry services?

Buying clothes online is convenient; with just a few clicks, your clothes are directly parcelled to your home.

But before you search for a laundry service near me, have you wondered why you should clean your clothes and for what reasons?

Your new-looking clothes might give you an illusion of complete hygiene and cleanness.

However, in reality, there are expert-verified reasons why you should never wear them directly or have skin contact for a longer period of time.

To give you a start looking for a laundry shop near me,  here is what you should know!


Home To Germs, Lice & Pathogens 

From having the nastiest germs, bugs, lice and pathogens, your new clothes are a breeding home for these things. It could have fungi, viruses or scabies on the surfaces that are not visible to your naked eye.
These clothes are manufactured in a factory, and they get packed and sent through various transportation to the shop.
While the purchase is online, your clothes are still in a warehouse or storage. It’s easy for the fabrics to get exposed to these bacteria.

So before you look for laundry near me, ensure the services include hot water cleaning and a proper procedure to eliminate these nasty, harmful germs.


It Has A Lot Of Chemical Irritants

The reason why new clothes sometimes itch is because of chemical irritants like urea formaldehyde. It’s a preservative chemical used by manufacturers to keep the garment protected from wrinkles.

They coat the fabric to keep it mould-free while it ships from one container to another during transportation.

Besides being beneficial for manufacturers, the chemical is harmful, especially if you have sensitive skin. The finishes can cause skin rash, especially in armpits, collars, thighs, cuffs, and trouser waists.

It’s also linked to asthma, nausea, dermatitis and cancer-like health issues. Besides causing side effects like irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, it can damage the lungs if you use it in the long run.

The Urea formaldehyde has a sharp odour that requires removal with each wash. You can opt for laundry services to remove it, as they do the hassle on your behalf.


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Contains Easy-To-Transfer Dyes 

Fabrics, especially dark-coloured jeans or shades of blue or red, are considered easy-to-transfer dyes.

The manufacturer uses different colours to give your clothes a vibrant look. However, the colours often start to bleed and transfer to your skin, causing the reactions.

AZO is a common dye used by most manufacturers. It’s a carcinogenic synthetic dye that can easily be absorbed into the skin and cause dermatitis-like conditions.

Washing your new clothes will help remove the extra dye and prevent future risks. To avoid any caution, look for a washing and ironing service near me to keep your clothes fresh and iron them up nicely.


So you have crisp and fresh-looking garments ready to wear!

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As for should you wash your clothes after you buy them? Yes, We highly recommend cleaning them properly to ensure they’re safe and clean to wear.

Before you wash your online clothes, check the care label. It often consists of information like water temperature for washing or drying methods and heat setting for iron.


At Prime Laundry, our ironing services follow all the instructions cautiously and have experts with proper knowledge of different fabrics and laundry cleaning methods to assist.


Look no further if you are searching for wash and fold near me!  Our professionals take care of the washing and folding so you receive your brand-new clothes as they are. To know more about our services and how we can help, contact us today!