Pashmina Clothes and Garments – Wash & Clean Them Gently!

April 28th, 2022

Pashmina Clothes and Garments – Wash & Clean Them Gently!

Pashmina is regarded as the world’s best handicraft, transforming incredibly warm and exquisite Cashmere threads into sumptuous apparel pieces. The exquisite Cashmere wool is brought into use for weaving mesmerising Pashmina apparel, which is supplied from Ladakh.

To survive the severe cold prevalent there, a uniquely uncommon goat develops Cashmere that originates in their underbelly. The wool extracted is then refined to produce the awesome Pashmina. Usually, Pashmina apparels are quite expensive. They are of superior quality to most of the other wool apparel available in the market. So it is very natural that if you have something so rare and expensive, you would want to preserve it with utmost care and attention, and that’s exactly what we are about to discuss in this article.

In this article, Prime Laundry will be discussing the important aspects of washing pashmina clothes and maintaining them so that they can be preserved for longer periods of time.


All About Washing Pashmina Clothes:


One of the fascinating features of your pashmina apparel is that it can last for many years if properly maintained and stored. However, you might be aware that using it for prolonged periods of time will make it lighter, softer, and more fragile, making it more prone to get damaged easily if not stored properly. Like most apparel, Pashmina needs to be cleaned once in a while, and the best possible way to wash pashmina scarves or any other pashmina apparel, for that matter, would be to simply get it dry cleaned.

But if you are sure that you can’t get them dry washed, here is a detailed guide on how you can properly wash pashmina apparel.


Cashmere Pashminas Clothes

  • Firstly the most important thing you should consider is the water temperature. You should be initiated using lukewarm water for washing pashmina clothes. So while washing your Pashmina, take half a tub full of warm water.
  • Next, you have to dip your Pashmina into the warm water and add a cup of wool shampoo or a delicate detergent such as baby cloth detergent or baby shampoo. If you have a stain or discoloration in a particular area of your Pashmina, apply extra shampoo to that area and very carefully and gently rub it. Don’t squeeze it too hard.
  • After some time, you need to take out the Pashmina and dip it into another water bath, but keep in mind that you are to use cold water instead this time. Then, you need to squeeze out all the excess water from the Pashmina.
  • After you are done squeezing out all the excess water, you need to spread out your Pashmina on a clean towel or any piece of cloth capable of sucking out the excess water. After you are satisfied that most of the water has been sucked out, you need to place the Pashmina on another dry towel and let it dry naturally.
  • Give it some time so that the Pashmina can dry out on its own and never try to dry it out in excessive heat.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Washing Pashmina Apparels:

You must always remember that Pashmina is very delicate and cannot be exposed to any harsh detergent, as it might damage your Pashmina. You need to purchase a wool shampoo or use a gentle and mild baby cloth detergent instead. Also, make it a point to never use fabric softeners and conditioners as they are bad for your Pashmina due to the high quantities of chemicals present. Bleaching is strictly forbidden when dealing with Pashmina unless you want to take the risk of damaging your favorite Pashmina apparel.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that you must make sure that the water you are using to clean your Pashmina is not hard. Hard water usually has a very high mineral concentration, such as magnesium and calcium, which is harmful to your Pashmina as it might deteriorate its quality. 

You must always use soft water instead. But if you live in an area where only hard water is available then you have to hire professional dry cleaner for pashmina clothes. Another option would be to use water softeners to treat your hard water. As water softeners have the properties of neutralising or minimising the effects of these harsh chemicals.

The Best Possible Way to Clean Pashmina Clothes:


Wash Pashmina Scarves

When it comes to washing Pashmina clothes, dry cleaning is ideal. You can hand wash pashmina scarves in the event of an emergency. However, you must exercise extreme caution while doing so. But if you can get it a dry wash, then surely go for it. If you notice that the piece is missing its fresh feel, you can get them dry washed after using them for some time. Having it dry cleaned rejuvenates your Pashmina, and you will be able to visibly notice the change in its quality and condition.


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How Can You Store Your Pashmina Properly?

First and foremost, clean the shelf or storage area where you intend to keep your Pashmina. After you’ve cleaned it, you’ll need to keep an eye for moths, which may easily destroy your Pashmina. To avoid this, place the anti-moth paper on the storage shelf. Pashmina should not be stored in plastic bags for more than a few months. It has the ability to change the color of your Pashmina. Instead, try wrapping your Pashmina in tissue paper or muslin cloth to protect it from dust and moisture while preserving its original form. Do not use naphthalene balls when storing your Pashmina. Also, take out the Pashmina apparel and aerate the piece to avoid moth formation.

Final Words:

So that’s all you needed to know about washing and storing Pashmina apparel. By now you must have understood that pashmina are very delicate in nature so they need to be preserved properly. If you are confident about hand washing Pashmina, you can do that, but make sure you’ve to follow the guidelines. You could also take professional help and get them laundered by a laundry service provider.