Men’s Suit Care Guide – When Should You Dry Clean Your Business Suit

August 25th, 2021

Men’s Suit Care Guide – When Should You Dry Clean Your Business Suit?

The easiest way to get marks out from a men’s dress suit is to dry clean it. So we generally take our outfits to the dry cleaners. This menswear guide will show you how to know when it’s time to dry clean a suit. One of the most expensive items for most men’s wardrobes is a formal suit.


Thus, knowing how to care for and clean a dress suit is what every man should know about his wardrobe. Whether you choose a ready-to-wear suit or are seeking a bespoke or handmade suit, it will require dry cleaning at some point.


When Has It Been Time To Dry Clean Your Business Suit?


Dry Clean Your Business Suit


There is no acquired skill in identifying when to take your suit coat and pants to the dry cleaner. However, most of us are at the dry cleaning service far too frequently. When brushing, airing out, and area cleaning, don’t remove the smells, dirt, or stains; it’s a great idea to dry clean your menswear.


If you don’t wear suits very often, this can be as little as every year. Of course, if you wear your dress suit every day, you may have to dry clean this more routinely. As little as possible, dry clean your dress suit. Perc drains the natural oils in wool fibers. Thus, the fibers get brittle, and your formal suit gets worn far well before time.


What to Look For When Choosing A Dry Cleaner For Your Business Suit?


Business Suit Dry Cleaner in London


When it’s time to wash your suit, do a little more research. Check reviews of suits dry cleaning in your location on Google. Many dry cleaners can choose from, but someone who has been in business for a while might get a dedicated audience and an excellent reputation. Make a call to a few dry cleaners in your area. If they’re prepared to answer your inquiries, it’s a sign that you can put your trust in them with your bespoke suit.


Remember to ask if the company does their dry cleaning inside or transfer it to a larger facility. It may not appear to be a significant problem, but it will considerably impact the first time an item is lost. Keep an eye on how your clothes are handled at the checkpoint. A good clerk will note any spots or problem areas that need to be pre-treated. Make a point of highlighting whatever loose buttons. For your information, get a thorough receipt of what you’re dropping off. It is a great dry cleaning guide.


How to Keep Your Suit Looking Great Between Dry Cleaning Visits?


Suit Dry Cleaning Guide


Here are some effective tips for keeping a suit looking its best in between trips to the dry cleaners.


  • Customize your outfits. After a while, wearing the same suit again and over will display signs of wear.
  • Remove creases with a steam cleaning before wearing. Reduce the heat of the steam to the lowest setting.
  • You will always look newly dressed without incurring extra charges.
  • After you’ve worn the suit, brush off any dirt or food particles that have remained to it.
  • Begin by working against the grain of the fabric with small, rapid strokes. Finish with a second pass in the same direction as the nap.
  • After wearing your suit, put this on a solid wood hanger a day or two. Between usage, the material will recover and drape out many other creases. To avoid wrinkles or irregular forms in your suit, ensure many of the pockets are empty.
  • It should hide. Use a fabric covering to keep air moving through the suit even when something is being stored.


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How to Save Money on Dry Cleaning:


  • What can I do to keep from having to dry clean as much as I should? There are many wonderful ways to keep your suits fresh and clean and tidy, don’t worry.
  • Buy three or four pairs of pants or skirts for every suit jacket to expand your closet; buy complementing, not similar. For example, with white or mild checkered trousers or a skirt, a navy suit jacket looks great. Unlined trousers and skirts may usually get wash and iron service for a low cost, and similar quality and type of fabric will make the pair feel natural.
  • Suit hangers made of wood will keep your coats in shape and avoid unattractive creases in your pants or skirts.
  • Let your suits breathe by hanging clothes at least two inches wide on both sides to enable moisture and smells to leave.


Final Words:

Before making a decision, look up online reviews on Google, talk to friends. Check their policies in case they cause harm, and see if they use environmentally friendly dry cleaning methods and chemicals. We’ve already done the work for you in finding a reliable dry cleaner.


For no additional cost beyond the cost of a dry cleaning service, Prime Laundry will pick up your business and personal suits, drop them off at an eco-friendly dry cleaning service in London, and deliver them back to you at your home or office.