Laundry Tips To Manage Linens And Towels In Your AirBnb Business

July 27th, 2021

Top Laundry Tips To Manage Linens And Towels In Your AirBnb Business

Regardless of how big or tiny your AirBnb room is, you’ll need to get organised when it comes to keeping your linens and towels clean. For your business, you may require linen cleaning services. You may not realise it, but the state of your hotel linens says a lot about it. In comparison to clean white sheets that appear inviting and comfy, dirty bedding may imply that you don’t care about your guests.


The following are seven laundry suggestions for managing linens and towels in your AirBnb business:


#1 – Hire Your Linen:


linen for airbnb


One of the most prevalent requirements in the hotel business is bedding. Having your own linen, from bed sheets and towels to tablecloths and napkins, necessitates having a place to store it and a staff to maintain it clean. Hiring your linen, on the other hand, is typically a more cost-effective alternative. In hotels, the bedding must be replaced after each visitor, yet the linen will grow more and more worn out with each wash. However, when you use a linen laundry service, you can be assured that you will always receive high-quality bedding when it is returned to you.


Another advantage of utilising a linen laundry service is the flexibility it provides. Maybe you’re planning a big event and want a more opulent tablecloth, or maybe you just want to change up the look of your hotel rooms; either way, a reputable hiring business should offer a variety of items to select from. In the long run, this is a more cost-effective alternative than purchasing them yourself, especially if they are only required for a short period of time.


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#2 – Use a Professional Linen Laundry Service:


Hiring a professional linen cleaning service is one of the most efficient methods to care for your  linens. Outsourcing your laundry may save you time and money, with a convenient pick-up and delivery service that makes keeping track of your hotel linens a breeze. Furthermore, because they are cleaning specialists, your laundry will almost certainly be cleaned to a far better quality, as they will have all of the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions to keep your clothes spotless. Running a hotel needs meticulous organisation, and if you just have a small crew or could use an extra pair of hands, outsourcing your laundry might be the ideal solution for you – moreover, it eliminates the need to recruit additional staff.


#3 – Upgrade Your Cleaning Appliances:


linen cleaning appliances


With the amount of linen that hotels use, a commercial washing machine that can handle large loads is required. It’s a good idea to update your equipment if you opt to launder your linens yourself, especially in large hotels. The appropriate washers and dryers will clean your clothes quickly, allowing you to prepare rooms on schedule and avoid leaving visitors waiting. These kinds of equipment are an investment; consider how many loads of laundry you’ll do each week; a decent washing machine will pay for itself in the long run.


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#4 – Invest in Good Linen:


Buying inexpensively isn’t always the greatest option; as previously said, it’s always worth investing in your linen, so don’t skimp when it comes to buying more. Nothing beats sleeping on a warm, clean, and well-dressed bed, so don’t expect these details to go unnoticed. Make sure you have all of the linens & towels you’ll need, including beds, pillows, tablecloths, chefs’ uniforms, blankets, and more, and browse around before making a purchase.


#5 – Train Your Staff:


It’s critical that you properly train your cleaning crew so that they all work to the same high standards. To guarantee that clients have the greatest experience, emphasise the significance of cleaning linen and have all employees double-check the cleanliness of bed sheets, napkins, tablecloths, and anything else. You should also make sure they understand how to utilise the cleaning tools and appliances.


#6 – Keep Your Linen Well Stocked:


Linen in Stock


Having a well-stocked linen cabinet ensures that you will have backup linen in the event of an accident. Replace soiled linen as soon as possible to avoid stains soaking into the fibres, creating permanent scars and perhaps damaging your linen forever.


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#7 – Enforce a Stain Policy:


Bedding and other types of linen can be difficult to keep clean, especially in hotels. Food stains, cosmetics, oils, grease, and beverages are all typical stains that require treatment. Some of them may require special care, so enforcing a stain policy for difficult-to-remove stains like puke, blood, cosmetics, and alcohol may be a good idea.


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