Know Why Should You Get Your Clothes Tailored

August 17th, 2021

Know Why Should You Get Your Clothes Tailored?

You might have a closet hoard of clothes you love but still don’t fit in the back of your closet. Sometimes you try on anything lovely at a thrift store, but it’s just a tad too tight in a few places. Can you have those items tailored, or should you remove them?


Tailoring won’t fix all, but this will increase the look and feel of your clothes by solving many common fit difficulties. If you don’t take your clothes to the tailor, you’re missing a great way to increase your outfit without purchasing new items. Are you sure what to bring to the tailor and what to expect?


Let’s look at how tailoring in London can help you improve your wardrobe.


What Is the Cost of Tailoring?

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People avoid tailoring for many reasons, the most common of which is cost. However, tailoring can save you money overall, making it a better investment. The cost of changes varies depending on the item, the repair, where it has been done; most clothing alteration service cost £15 and £75. Basic alterations like tailoring a dress or pants and reducing sleeves are available at the low end. More complex fixes, such as altering the shoulders of a shirt or coat, are available at the high end.


Also, when you know you will get the fit corrected, a tailor in London helps you acquire more high-quality used things. Finding the correct fit can be difficult in a thrift store, but understanding what tailoring can do will increase your choices.


What Should You Get Tailored?


You don’t need to run over and take all you have to the tailor with it in mind. But, because the process might be costly, you’ll like being picky about what you have tailored.


Begin with the following items:


  • Your favorite requirements
  • Pants and skirts that are too long
  • Classics and designer items of superior quality
  • Professional and formal attire.
  • Items for special occasions


You should get it tailored if it’s important to you (or if it’ll wear at critical moments). On the other hand, a clothing alteration service may not even be worth it if it’s a low-quality item or something you only wear occasionally (and never to an important event).


Let’s look more closely at the various methods you can have to have your best garments tailored. Of course, a tailor can do far more, and these are among the most common basic alterations.


#1 – Easy Hemming:


Cloth Hemming Service in London


Skirts, slacks, jeans, or even too-long shirts can all hemmed. It is one of the most affordable services a tailor could provide, and this can make a more significant difference in fit than you would expect.


You get clean lines for a put-together look when you remove the excess fabric at the base. Bring with everything from your work slacks to your favorite pair of jeans for hemming. Just water to clean your new jeans before bringing them in, as they may shrink in the wash.



#2 – Reducing Shoulder Straps:


You can have the shoulder straps on a shirt or dress shortened if they won’t stay up. It can also used to fix shirts and dresses which are too short. The fit of shoulders is essential to the effective look of an item. Tailoring something that covers the shoulders, such as a jacket, will become more expensive (but worth it sometimes). Anything sleeveless, but on the other hand, is usually simple to change.


#3 – Zipper Replacement:


Cloth Zipper Replacement


You will have a tailor replace a zipper if it constantly stuck or is simply unpleasant. However, you may have to locate a replacement zipper on your own, as the tailor is unlikely to get one in the correct size or color. Fabric stores are a good resource for them.


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#4 – Loose Item Seepage:


By bringing it in, a tailor can make a too-big sleeve, pants leg, or shirt “shrink.” Unfortunately, you can’t usually add more cloth to something too tiny when it comes to alterations. However, if you do have an item that is a little too big, your tailor may be able to help you. It’s simple to take in the straight seams that run down the length of shirts and dresses.


Get this affordable remedy if you have something you like that’s a little loose in the body—especially if it’s sleeveless. It’s a little more difficult (and expensive) to make these changes on clothing with sleeves, but it’s still possible. Darting, a process in which extra seams put in the back or sides of a shirt to remove the saggy cloth, is widespread in blouses and dress shirts.


Final Words:


If you are wondering about the best alteration service in London, then hire Prime Laundry. The tailor should show that they know what you want and how they plan to achieve it. Do not be afraid to inquire. They can’t take it back once they’ve changed the clothing, so be sure you’re comfortable moving forward. However, the proper clothing alteration service can make a huge difference in your wardrobe, so don’t put it off.