How You Should Wash Your Towel To Keep Fluffy And Smelling Fresh

December 7th, 2021

How You Should Wash Your Towel To Keep Fluffy And Smelling Fresh

Although washing towels looks easy, it is essential to use the appropriate technique if you want them last. While you may wash a towel in the washing machine to clean it, these helpful hints can keep your towels looking and feeling new after several washes.


Towel cleaning service suggests avoiding musty smells and faded colours while keeping your towels’ wonderful, fluffy texture with the correct washing and drying methods. Follow this handy guide for the best towel laundry service advice, like how often to wash towels, whether you can wash towels with clothes, and what settings to use when washing towels of various colours and materials.


Tips to Wash Your Towel to Keep Them Fluffy and Smelling Fresh:


Wash Towels - Commercial Laundry Service


#1 – Before Using New Towel Wash Them:


Before you know how to wash towels, create a list of when you should do so. Towel laundry services suggest before using bath towels for the first time, ensure they’re clean and dry. The majority of new towels are coated with silicone or other finishes that keep them from absorbing moisture.


At the store, this coating gives them an extra-fluffy look and feel. These coatings are removed when new towels are washed, allowing for more excellent absorbency.


#2 – Follow the Correct Method:


According to the towel laundry service, stop guessing how often you should wash your towels and start washing them every 3 to 4 days. Warm water and, if required, colour-safe bleach is the best way to wash colourful towels.


Use hot water and non chlorine bleach as needed for white towels. To avoid slight yellowing over time, white towels should be cleaned separately and with other white items.


#3 – Use Vinegar to Wash Your Towel:


Vinegar to Wash Your Towel


Most commercial laundry services follow this rule: Coloured towels with similar tones should be washed in warm water for the first few washes. When washing towels, use half the amount of detergent recommended and add 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar to the water during the wash cycle. The vinegar helps to set the colours and removes any remaining detergent.


Other Tips to Keep Your Towel Fluffy and Smelling Fresh:


  • Reduce the amount of laundry detergent you use every towel load: Sufficient detergent damage builds up in towel fibres, making them itchy.
  • Increase the temperature of your washing water: If you don’t use a heavy-duty detergent, warm or hot water will produce better results.
  • When washing towels, don’t overfill your washer.
  • To prevent dust that reduces absorption, replace commercial fabric softeners with white vinegar.
  • If you prefer the way commercial fabric softeners feel and smell, use them carefully and perform deep cleaning with vinegar once a month to avoid unnecessary build-up in the fibres.
  • Clean your washer regularly, especially if it’s a front-loader, to remove detergent and fabric softener residue, promoting mould and mildew growth and producing strong scents that quickly transfer to towel fabric.
  • To keep towels fluffy, use wool dryer balls and a lower heat setting in the dryer.
  • If you have hard water, you should build a water softening system.
  • When you remove towels from the dryer, make sure they are completely dry, keeping in mind that clothes dry faster than towels. Towels that are only a little moist can soon mildew. The regular setting that you use for other tough materials is the best dryer setting for towels. It will use the most heat and become the most effective at completing the task. Over drying the cotton might lead to losing its integrity.
  • When you take your towels out of the washer, give a good shake. It will help fluff up the absorbent terry loops. Ironing terry towels reduces their absorbency. Shaking your towels can also help them from twisting into a ball in the dryer, which will cut down on drying time.




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