How Uniform Laundry Cleaning Services Help The Employees

February 11th, 2022

How Uniform Laundry Cleaning Services Help The Employees

Employees must wear professional clothing whatever the sector (construction, catering, medical). At the workplace, the employer has many obligations to respect. These obligations are governed by law, regardless of the type of structure.


Also, in most companies, employees have to follow a dress code. To look professional, the dress of employees must be adequately cleaned, and for this, they can take help of uniform cleaning services.


Professional Clothing or Uniforms – Make Them Different From Others:

Uniform Cleaning Service


The labour code provides the employer with the everyday work clothes necessary to carry out their duties. It stipulates this obligation if the framework of the activity is particularly unhealthy. This concern allows employees to protect themselves from specific working conditions: cold, chemical risks, rain, etc.


This rule also applies when the compulsory wearing of clothing responds to commercial imperatives. This is, for example, the case of t-shirts, accessories, or uniforms with the company logo, which must therefore be provided free of charge by the company.


The same goes for Personal Protective Equipment, which the company must provide. As this is safety equipment, it can in no way be considered as a benefit in kind granted to employees. The legislation is also strict concerning the maintenance of the latter.


PPE being considered devices relating to the health and safety of employees, their proper operation and maintenance is mandatory, and therefore, the company’s responsibility.


The maintenance of standard work linen is also particularly supervised. The labour code stipulates that work clothes are provided free of charge by the employer and that the latter must ensure that they work properly and that they are kept in a satisfactory hygienic state. Also, many companies provide uniform cleaning services to their employees.


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Necessary Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements of Uniforms:


When the activity is particularly risky, especially when handling chemical elements, washing work at home can represent a risk of contamination of other textiles.


A strict standard also frames the maintenance of Personal protective equipment to preserve the latter’s protective properties. Failure to comply with these standards could damage work clothes. So it is good to take help of uniform laundry, for proper maintenance of uniform.


What solutions for the maintenance of work clothes for companies?

industrial uniform laundry service


How can the company meet its obligation to maintain the clothing of its employees? Several options are available to the companies concerned to solve this problem.


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In-house Professional Laundry Care:


The laundry stage of a company is a fairly restrictive operation for companies. Depending on the number of employees and internal logistics operations, the choice may be to provide this service internally, using different methods.


Invest in Laundry Equipment:

Commercial Laundry Equipment


To ensure the maintenance of the employees’ work clothes, the company can equip itself with a washing machine. This solution will suit small structures because the organization can quickly become complex with many employees.


It will then be necessary to effectively communicate the care precautions for linen, particularly PPE, and ensure that they are respected—an additional constraint for the employer.


Provide Financial Support:


To save itself the responsibility of organizing the uniform laundry cleaning services, and if the activity does not represent a risk, the company can choose to finance it. The latter takes the form of compensation as a maintenance bonus on the salary or the reimbursement of dry cleaning costs, on presentation of proof.


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Outsource the Maintenance of Staff Uniforms or Professional Clothing:


For simplicity and convenience, the employer may also prefer to hire an external service to maintain work clothes. The most effective solution is to take out a maintenance rental contract for work clothes with a specialized company.


This type of contract makes it possible to meet both the obligation to supply work clothes and the obligation of maintenance and without textile investment, with a minimum of constraints. Initial provides the entire work linen maintenance service by collecting dirty clothes and delivering clean clothes directly to the company. It is also the guarantee of washing professional clothes in compliance with legal standards at a lower cost.


The External Partnership:


Another option is to partner with a dry cleaner. The company can thus benefit from a preferential rate depending on the number and frequency of washes. Commercial laundry service is a solution that ensures quality maintenance but entails some logistical constraints.




The supply and maintenance of professional clothing are legal constraints that can be easily solved through these few solutions.