how to wash clean curtains

November 19th, 2021

How To Wash Curtains? Clean Your Curtains And Get A Brand Looking Curtain

Curtains are the most important in our home. So clean curtains make your house manageable and tidy. Curtains must be wash and cleaned regularly to stay in good condition. While this may be one of the more challenging household chores, it is quite simple. Curtains will last longer if you set time aside to clean them. If you don’t do this, the fabric may lose its quality, and you need to purchase new ones.


Most of the people are questioning how to wash curtains? But in this digital time, everything is possible; contact a curtain cleaning service like Prime Laundry to clean your curtains. Furthermore, they use a specific product and use special washing techniques to clean your curtains.


Follow our easy step-by-step guide to help you get your curtains looking brand new again.


How to Wash Curtains and Get a Brand New Look:


#1 – Keep It Clean Regularly:


How to Wash Curtains



The best way to clean a curtain is to determine what kind of material it is made from. A light shake would work for heavier fabrics. You can also use your vacuum cleaners upholstery brush to clean the dust off your curtain.


Cleaning your curtains once a week is enough, but dust them off if you see that they are still clean. You may wash lighter fabrics in your washing machines or by hand if they’re light and delicate.


#2 – Caution Is The Key:


Any curtain will soften and wear off after being exposed to sunlight. It can be seen when trying to remove the curtain from the rods; if you are not careful, the curtain will be torn apart. That is why being careful is the key to keeping your curtain in good condition.


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#3 – Separately Wash Them:


How to clean curtain separately



Do not wash your curtains with any other items of clothing. Generally, when we do any laundry, we add clothing or fabric together that we don’t want to wash separately to save time and water. However, curtains are washed separately from those other materials. If not, the fabric may discolour, distort, and have a different texture.


#4 – Read The Labels:


You can get what kind of material your curtain is made of by reading labels. It also shows how to keep the curtain in the best condition possible. It will also declare whether or not cloth can be ironed. Some fabrics don’t need to be ironed, so find out how to clean them.


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#5 – Home Ideas to Clean Curtain:


Whiter clothes using vinegar



Curtain cleaning, as well as other house cleaning problems, so it can be treated using home remedies. Using vinegar or rubbing alcohol to remove stains from your curtains is a good idea.


Apply a few drops of vinegar or rubbing alcohol to a little amount of water on the affected area. Rub the stain away with a clean cloth. Curtain cleaning and other home cleaning problems can be solved with home ideas and tips.




Cleaning your drapes or curtains is not something you should do regularly, and it may only need cleaning when you believe it is required. Whether you’re unsure, once a week or twice a month should be enough.


On the other hand, other fabrics can last a month or two without being properly cleaned; it all depends on the product. If you are unsure how to clean them, you must hire a curtain cleaning service to get a brand new look for your curtains. So this Christmas, decorate your home with tidy and clean curtains.