How to protect your wedding dress

May 24th, 2021

How To Protect Your Wedding Dress Before, During, And After The Celebration

One of the most critical aspects of your wedding day as a bride is your wedding gown. It’s something that your guests—and your groom—are looking forward to seeing, and it’s surely something special to you on this special day. As a result, you’ll want to treat this garment with respect.


You’ll want to secure your wedding gown from the day it’s in your hands to the day of the celebrations and long after the last dance. Here’s how to take care of yours so it looks great at your celebration and for years to come.


Protect the Bridal Dress Before Your Wedding:


There are a few important steps you should take leading up to your big day in keeping your dress pristine.


#1 – Use a Padded Hanger:


Padded hangers are not only attractive for photos of your dress on the big day, but they’re also essential for keeping your gown secure in the weeks leading up to it. When hanging your dress in a garment bag, use a padded hanger. This gently maintains the shoulders in their expected form. Dust, moisture, and other outside elements are kept out by the garment bag.


#2 – Take Help From Dry Cleaners:


wedding dress dry cleaners in London


You’d think dry cleaning your dress in the days leading up to your wedding day is a good idea, but it’s actually a good idea. They help with wedding dress alterations, wedding dress dry cleaning, wedding dress preservation and many more. Also they steam or press the dress to rid it of wrinkles, be sure to thoroughly read the care instructions before proceeding.


#3 – Store it in a Safe Environment:


Always keep your dress somewhere clean and out of reach of pets and children. Stop storing your dress in a cluttered, moist, or dusty environment to avoid unnecessary stains or problems.


When removing your dress from its garment bag, wash and dry your hands thoroughly, and try laying a towel on the floor before removing your dress. You can always visit the laundromat who provides wedding dress preservation.


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Protect the Bridal Dress on Your Wedding Day:


On your wedding day is when you’ll most want your dress to be completely perfect! The below tips make this possible.


#1 – Hang Your Dress Correctly:


You’ll want to hang your dress somewhere so that it can dry out, wrinkles can come out, and you can get some awesome detailed shots of it on the big day. Choose a location that is hidden from the activity of the room to avoid marks and marks.


Make sure all of the windows in the area are shut as well. Remind visitors that there’s an essential garment hanging up in the room so they don’t knock it down or cause any problems as it’s waiting for its big moment.


#2 – Keep Your Dress Wrinkle-Free:


Wedding Dress Wrinkle Free


For a picture-perfect bridal look on the wedding day, you’ll want your dress to remain wrinkle-free. Hold a travel steamer nearby and a compact water spray bottle on hand to get rid of tiny wrinkles. This is always helpful if you need to touch up your dress at the last minute before the photographers arrive.


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Protect Your Wedding Dress After the Celebration:


Once the celebration is over, you’ll want to preserve your dress so that it stays in perfect condition for years to come.


#1 – Get it Professionally Cleaned as Soon as Possible:


You’ll want to scrub your wedding gown as soon as possible after the big day to ensure that any marks it might have picked up don’t have much time to set. For getting your wedding dress, always visit a professional laundromat who provides wedding dress dry cleaning.


While many brides wait, the maxim for having a professional cleaner is the quicker the better. If you’re leaving for your honeymoon the day after your reception, enlist the help of a bridesmaid or mother to deliver your gown to a respectable cleaner on your behalf.


#2 – Find the Right Professional to Preserve It:


wedding dress preserved


You’ll want to hire a specialist to do the delicate task of maintaining your wedding gown. In determining the right care for your particular dress based on its type and content, an accomplished expert is your best choice.


Someone who isn’t qualified in this area could end up damaging the fragile fabric of your gown. For this job, find a professional with a decent reputation and with whom you feel at ease.


#3 – Store Your Dress Correctly:


When you get your wedding gown back in your hands, you must store it properly. To prevent fading or yellowing, it should be kept out of direct sunshine. To avoid your dress being misshapen, you should remove it from the hanger.


A professional preservation box or chest is better for your outfit, so if you don’t have one, use a zip-up plastic bag made of acid-free plastic to prevent fabric discoloration.


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