How Linen Reacts to Dry Cleaning

February 13th, 2024

How Linen Reacts to Dry Cleaning – Unveiling the Shrinkage

Are you looking for dry cleaning services near me? But wondering if it’s going to shrink your linen clothes?

Well, linen tends to shrink, mainly if you use hot water to wash it and then dry it. Once the damage is done, it’s impossible to reverse.

So why does linen react like that, and will it be the same with dry cleaning services?

Or is there any solution or way to prevent it from happening? To answer all of your doubts, here is what will help.


What Makes Linen Prone To Shrink?

Before you look for dry cleaning near me, let’s find out why linen reacts to cleaning like that.

All kinds of fabrics tend to shrink up to 3% during laundry. It is considered normal. And can be solved using a simple iron.

But linen has complex fabric. It’s made of flax fibre sourced from flax plants’ stems. These fibres have crystalline structures, providing strength and durability.

The same thing makes the fabric prone to shrinkage.


Why Does Linen Shrink After The Wash?

But experts say not all linens tend to shrink the same way. While some say it can shrink to 3 or 4%, in some cases, it can be up to 10%.

But why does it happen?

Linen is one of the textiles that go through a ‘relaxation shrinkage’ during the manufacturing process. It causes fibre to stretch.

So, when the fabric becomes wet, especially in the first wash, it relaxes the fibre. And once it’s dry, the fibre returns to the original structure, making it look shrunk.

However, the effect gets minimal if it’s pre-washed, which means the fabric has gone through the initial wash. Such clothes will have minimal impact in their second wash.

Another reason is heat. If you use hot water for cleaning, it will create more shrinkage than using cold water.

Prime Laundry experts take special care of each type of fabric and follow the care label instructions to protect it from damage.


How You Can Prevent Shrinking In Linen Clothes?

Linen can shrink if you apply heat. So, it’s recommended to use either lukewarm or cold water.

Even though the natural fibres in linen tend to shrink in the first wash, it can prevent the overall impact.

 Linen clothes require proper cleaning and extra care. Dry cleaning delivery like services can help in saving time but also handle the tricky cleaning part on your behalf.

Also, same day dry cleaning near me like options let you get your clothes clean, ironed and ready to wear on the same day!

While hiring a professional online dry cleaning service can make the process easier. If you plan to do it on your own, make sure to follow these tried & tested tips from Prime Laundry experts.


If you use the washing machine

  • Start by separating the fabrics based on their colour and type. Keep linen aside.
  • Choose the gentle and shorter cycle setting
  • Make sure to avoid overload
  • Don’t use bleach. Instead, choose mild or natural detergent.

If you use handwashing

  • Take one tablespoon of mild detergent and mix it with water (tub or sink)
  • Soak your linen for at least 10 minutes.
  • Move the fabrics gently using your hand.
  • Don’t twist or scrub; it will damage the linen.
  • Let the water drain, and refill it until all detergent gets removed.

If your clothes are warm after the laundry, use cold water to rinse. It will help in bringing the fabric’s natural temperature and prevent shrinkage.



After this, you might have a question – is there a way to clean linen without letting it shrink?

Well, the answer is No. The shrinkage can be minimal but can’t be avoided, especially for the first wash. Also, it’s the natural response of fabric.

This is tricky, especially if you buy clothes that fit your size. So, while you shop, look for pre-washed or pre-shrunk marked linen to avoid such surprises.

Our dry cleaning team follows all the washing precautions, uses natural detergent, and uses high water temperatures to minimise shrinkage.

Also, our ironing service keeps wrinkles and helps return the former glory of your linen.


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At Prime Laundry, our team is ideally equipped and knows how to treat such material with the utmost care.

Place your order to get our easy, quick and same-day dry cleaning services!


Some Commonly Asked Questions 

Does dry cleaning damage linen clothes?

Dry cleaning is a safe and secure way to clean linen without water. The process includes an organic solvent for lifting stains, not damaging linen like delicate fabrics.


How to dry linen clothes completely?

Follow the care instructions before drying linen using a tumble dryer. Or you can use medium heat to dry the linen bedding, shirts and clothes.


How to unshrink linen clothes?

To reduce the shrinkage, rewash the cloth and line dry until it gets damp. Use low to mild temperature iron from outwards, starting from your cloth’s centre.