How Do You Turn A Skirt Into A Cute Dress

March 21st, 2021

How Do You Turn A Skirt Into A Cute Dress?

If you want to turn a skirt into a cute dress, then the best way to do that without any kind of hassles is to contact a cloth alteration services company. Maybe you have the sewing machine at your home, but everyone has become so busy that it is best to contact a professional rather than doing it alone.

However, the steps to turn a skirt into a dress are very easy to do. Check the following section to know the step-by-step guide you can follow at home. Besides, if you feel confused, we have also included the factors you should consider for selecting the most reputed clothes alteration service company.

Stay tuned to get aware of all the aspects.


Step-by-Step Process Guide of Skirt Alteration:


Skirt Alteration Service


Step 1: The skirt has to be placed on a hard surface and has to smooth out as best as possible.


Step 2: Then just fold the skirt in half so that both the armholes can be cut with the same size if you do not want to involve yourself in any kind of measurements.


Step 3: At the top of the skirt, cut an arc shape with a sharp scissor. You can make the diameter of this arc as large as you want.


Step 4: If your skirt has elastic then you should remove it and if not, then you can skip this step.


Step 5: After that, you need to take a crochet hook and put it through the empty waistline “tube” and push it all the way through.


Step 6: Then you should hook the lace onto the crochet hook and pull it in the reverse direction as you did in the last step. This step is a bit harder to do.


Step 7: Once the above step is done, repeat the same step to the back of the skirt. Now your to-be-ready dress has straps.


Step 8: You can tie the open ends of the straps into a bow so that the length can be adjusted before sewing it.


Step 9: Then you need to sew seem on the armholes so that the fabric of the skirt does not rip off.


Step 10: Sew it properly to fit your arms in the holes with adequate space and that can make you feel comfortable.


You are now ready with your dress and can wear it. As an improved style, you can tie a belt around the waist that can give it a stunning look.


The steps we have discussed are quite simple and can be done with basic knowledge of sewing at home. For better results, you can hire professional clothing alteration services. Let me help you with the factors that can help you to select the best cloth alteration services.


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How to select the right cloth alteration services for this skirt alteration to a dress?


Cloth Alteration Services in London


#1 – Check the company’s reputation:


Whenever you are planning to hire some services from a company, it is crucial to check out the reputation of that company. Frankly speaking, how much customer satisfaction that particular cloth alteration service company has. You can get an idea of that company from neighbors, family, and friends and choose the company based on their feedback. The best way is to read out the reviews online from various customers.


#2 – Check out their experience in the alteration market:


The best companies for dress alteration in London have a lot of experience and this is also one of the major factors that make it the best. Also, check that the staff is much experienced in the alternation task. Once you become sure that the staff are experienced, then you can be much confident that you will get a good-looking dress.


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#3 – Easily accessible:


Most people have become a lot busy in their lives and thus, you must choose a cloth alteration services company that is near to your home or easily accessible. Most of the dress alteration in London operates during the usual time of the day. It is better to select those services that offer doorstep delivery.


#4 – Check the policies of damage offered by the company:


No company however best it is, damages to the clothes can happen due to some small mistakes of the staff. So, you should check the terms and conditions of the company, moreover, you should select the most reputed companies because the damages are lesser as compared to others.


The Final Verdict:


Hope this guide has been useful for you and helpful too. We have included the steps for skirt alteration to convert it into a dress and also the factors to consider for hiring the best cloth alteration service company in London.


Keeping these things in mind, it will be easy for you to choose a reputed company for dress alteration in London.