How commercial laundry service for hotels and resorts

June 3rd, 2021

How A Commercial Laundry Service For Hotels And Resorts Can Save Money

This message is for you if the terms commercial laundry service make you think, “No way, we can’t afford that!” We’re here to debunk any misconceptions you may have regarding the cost of a hotel laundry service vs the cost of your on-site laundry.


Because we know that transitioning to a large-scale, eco-friendly laundry vendor and closing your in-house laundry room is one of the most cost-effective moves you can make for your bottom line and guest happiness.


Here is how hotels and resorts may save money by using a commercial laundry and dry cleaning service.


Say Goodbye to Laundry Related Expenses:

Say Goodbye to Laundry Related Expenses



One of the primary reasons many properties believe outsourcing to a linen provider would cost more than operating an on-property laundry, or OPL, is that they undervalue their present costs.


There are “hidden” expenditures that properties prefer to incorporate into their total operating expenses without evaluating their entire impact over time, such as hotel laundry equipment, detergent, and cleaning chemicals.


“Hidden” on property laundry costs include:




Unless you track your laundry expenditures individually or have a system in place to do so, you’re probably underestimating how much it costs you in gas, water, and energy to power your industrial washers, dryers, and ironers every day.


Upkeep and Depreciation of Commercial Washing Equipment:


Repairs and routine maintenance for large-scale equipment may rapidly add expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of downtime or having machinery go down suddenly. And, like any other piece of equipment, the value of your devices will depreciate over time, costing you money.


Upgrades to Equipment:


If your visitor capacity or demand has grown as a result of a recent renovation, refresh, or rebranding, you may rapidly discover that your existing machines, though still functional, are simply not up to the task. Or that they aren’t able to manage your new luxury hotel linens and towels appropriately.


Square Footage:


In addition to costing you money in maintenance, your commercial laundry equipment is occupying valuable real estate that might be turned into an income generator if you shut down your hotel’s linen and laundry service. Consider the hotel income streams that would be accessible if you suddenly possessed all of that space. Your OPL might be the only thing standing in the way of a new spa, salon, or retail.


There are also the not-so-invisible costs of laundry-related personnel and the time they spend doing your laundry.


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Consolidate into One Cost:


Switching to a commercial laundry service combines all of those many hidden and open fees into a single package. The ideal hotel laundry service will provide everything you require, from collection and delivery to high-tech, energy-efficient equipment that keeps expenses down while maintaining great quality.


Pay Solely for Occupied Laundry Rooms:


Professional Laundry Services in London


Many of the expenditures indicated above are fixed with an on-site laundry. Whether you have a complete hotel or resort or not, you’re losing or spending money on space footage, laundry equipment depreciation, and laundry personnel.


The best hotel laundry service will have a flexible pay-as-you-go arrangement, which means you’ll only be charged for laundry-related charges for rooms that are really occupied. With fewer visitors, there will be less washing and cheaper expenditures.


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Give Your Linens a Longer Lease on Life:


No matter how large the investment you’ve made in premium sheets and towels to match your visitors’ high expectations, all hotel linens have a lifetime.


Large-scale hotel laundry vendors utilise strong professional equipment designed to remove stubborn stains, minimise damage, and protect fibres so that your sheets stay smooth and your towels and robes keep fluffy even after they’ve been fully cleaned.


A hotel laundry service will also have special standards in place to decrease the amount of things sent to the rag pile. Items that are heavily discoloured can be washed in a separate machine with a specially prepared wash.


A large-scale laundry will also be concerned with keeping their machines clean and functioning properly in order to avoid staining and damaging your linens. Anyone who has ever had a rogue ironer leave oil stains on their hotel sheets or table linens understands the importance of keeping the ship clean.


Working with a commercial laundry service will save money for the reasons above and help ensure that your property is known for the intangible value delivered by well-maintained luxury linens. We take pride in the fact that our services are reasonably priced. Our aim is to take care of all of your commercial laundry needs. We provide flexible scheduling and emergency laundry services, because if tragedy hits, such as a spilled beverage on your linens and a wedding in two hours, or someone forgets to deliver the laundry to the laundry service and you need clean sheets, we will assist. We have hot-shot delivery services, putting your commercial laundry cleaning needs first.


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