excellent laundry tips to shorten your routine easily

October 21st, 2021

Excellent Laundry Tips To Shorten Your Routine Easily

Do you have a laundry monster, a mountain of laundry that takes your weekends and makes you never want to do laundry again? My mom always told me that I should throw out all of my dirty clothes and start over. But, with a few changes to my routine and excellent laundry routine tips, I was able to free myself from the monster and finish all of our family’s laundry without crying. Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but you’ll get the idea. Laundry is a daily task, and let’s look at some laundry routine tips you can make every day to improve your laundry routine and save time.


Laundry Routine Tips:


#1 – Every Day, Do Some Laundry:


Say Goodbye to Laundry Related Expenses


Having a load of laundry in every day will save you time in the long term. Instead of doing all of the laundry in one day, set aside 15-20 minutes each day to do at least one load of laundry. You’ll go about your regular activities, dry the load, shake out the clothes, and start sorting.


#2 – Keep Clean Baskets and Dirty Baskets:


I’d started removing clothes from one basket, washing the dirty items inside, and then throwing them back into the same basket for a long time. It was both useless. My children’s clothes are dirty. And then I was placing those clean clothes back into the basket which had held all that dirt after I had washed them! It is not a good plan unless you are careful about emptying your laundry baskets. Whites, darks and colours all have their dirty baskets. It helps you to spend less time sorting before washing.


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#3 – A Clean Bucket for Every Person:


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I used to put all of my clean clothing into a basket and arrange after, leaving me hidden near a pile of laundry. Now, as I remove each item, I fold it and place it in the proper basket. I sort each person’s clothes into their little bucket. That’s where I keep our baskets until we’re ready to put away our clothes. I know that having so many cabinets in a laundry room is a luxury. If you don’t have a space for them, you can arrange the baskets and put flat items in them until you’re prepared to put them away.


#4 – Simplify Your Sorting:


It begins even before the laundry detergent is added. I created a strategy to make it much easier for my family to sort and store their clothes and I needed to simplify the process as much as possible to create a structure in which they could help with laundry as a chore.


I always buy clothes as a set. The coordinating pants/shorts/skirts are then folded into the top. It saves space in the closet and time in the morning when choosing outfits. All they have to do is put on a matching costume that they’ve planned ahead of schedule. Teenagers can be very different, and you’ll need to develop a system that works for you and your family.


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#5 – Create a Laundry Routine Schedule:


  • Day 1: Begin the week by washing and drying a load of laundry. I begin with darks because they look to be the bulk of my loads. Make sure your sorting system is set up for the remainder of the week.
  • Day 2: Do a load of laundry and dry it.
  • Day 3: Do a load of laundry. It’s easy; it’s the same as the prior day.
  • Day 4: Do a load of laundry and sort it.
  • Day 5: Today is the official folding and hanging day. On this specific day, I may have some incomplete sorting, and I’ll do that, hang items on the basket’s side, and keep the baskets in my children’s room.
  • Day 6: This is the day that I hang and store all of my clothing. After that, I run washes of linens through the machine and put them away after each one. Today is also a great day to iron, stain-treat for the following week, or clean up any leftovers.
  • Day 7: It’s time for you to take a break!


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