Everything You Need to Know About Laundry Stripping

April 27th, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Laundry Stripping

During the past couple of years, amidst the pandemic situation, we have all learned something or the other, from the internet or various other sources. While some of them have proven to be greatly useful, some of them have not.


One such useful hack that has come up is the entire procedure of laundry stripping, which you may or may not have heard of. Laundry stripping is the newest cleaning method that the internet is raving about.


In this article, Prime Laundry will be talking all about Laundry stripping so that you have thorough knowledge about laundry stripping before you try it in your home.

So What Exactly Is Laundry Stripping?

systematic soaking procedure


Laundry stripping is a systematic soaking procedure that leads to removing any remaining detergent, fabric softener, minerals from hard water, and natural body oils that have accumulated on textiles over time.


It is a very long and time-consuming process where you have to soak towels and sheets in a tub of hot water with borax, washing soda, and laundry detergent. You have to let it sit for four to five hours or until the water has cooled completely, so the procedure is pretty lengthy.


Because of the heat of the water, the colors flow with time, causing it to turn brown or grey. It works well on whites, light-colored clothes, and fabrics. Laundry stripping can be done in any generalised washing machine; however, a top-load washer is considered best.


But, commonly, everyone won’t have a top-loader washing machine, so the bathtub is frequently the handiest solution. Due to the general extra-large capacity, washing powders and hot water can reach each part of the clothing or fabric you have dipped in the water bath.


The additional water and prolonged soaking time allow the laundry mixture to completely remove the buildup that normal detergents leave on clothes and other fabrics.

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How to effectively carry out the procedure of stripping clothes:

procedure of stripping clothes


This procedure helps strip towels, clothes, or any other textile. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will be able to effectively follow the trend of stripping clothes.

  • First, you need to fill up the bathtub or your bucket with warm water.
  • Then you need to add 1/4th cup of the following-Borax, washing soda, and any detergent you like. Laundry boosters such as Borax and washing soda remove hard water minerals from clothes. Surfactants and enzymes are used in laundry detergent to break down and eliminate another buildup on fabrics.
  • Then you need to submerge the towels, clothes, or any textile of your choice into the water bath for stripping clothes. Everything needs to sit for about 4-5 hours.
  • After that, you need to squeeze out the excess water and wash it again in the washing machine, without any detergent. And in the end, you simply need to dry it, and then you’re good to go.

How often can I carry out Laundry Stripping?

carry out Laundry Stripping


Don’t carry on with laundry stripping towels or any other fabric more than a few times a year to protect fabrics. Buildup shouldn’t happen quickly enough, especially if you’re washing these items frequently in hot water with the appropriate amount of detergent or additives like fabric softener and detergent boosters.

Mostly by feeling fabrics, you can detect if they need to be stripped. Do they have a clingy sensation and an unclean feel to it? Have your towels lost their absorbency and softness? Aspects such as color and odor might also serve as indicators.


Do your white linens have a dingy appearance or do they give out a bad odor? Make certain that you’re only Laundry stripping only those textiles that are in absolute need of it.

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Is Laundry Stripping Helpful?

If you’re washing your towels and sheets appropriately, you shouldn’t have to go on Laundry stripping towels frequently. Laundry stripping clothes may be necessary in some cases, especially if you see dirt accumulation.


It is a simple way to breathe new life into towels or any other cloth piece or give them a new look. It is advisable to begin the laundry stripping process with a batch of clean clothes so that you can truly see the impact laundry stripping makes, even on items you thought were clean.


We should be cautious about the objects you choose to strip, such as pillows or other delicate fabrics, because a high pH can strip the oils and may cause the fabric to split.

Final Words:

That’s all you need to know about Laundry stripping, and we hope that the procedure is clear enough. Remember that you do not need to strip each and every textile.


Also, you must remember that too much laundry stripping can actually lead to the formation of scum residues on the fabric so be very careful before you go forward with stripping your fabric. Also as mentioned before, too much laundry stripping can actually ruin your fabric, so abstain from doing that.