Dry Cleaning Guide To Protect Your Winter Clothes Before Storing Them

January 15th, 2021

Dry Cleaning Guide To Protect Your Winter Clothes Before Storing Them

Soon you’ll need to swap out those winter sweaters, jackets, and snow boots for some bikinis and swim trunks. It’s important to refresh your wardrobe seasonally and keep organised all year long.


Getting clothes out of the wardrobe and putting them away will optimise your closet space and get you in the mood for the new season. But you can’t just chuck your perfect fall sweater into a plastic bin and stuff it under the bed because it’s carrying grass, dirt, and bacteria from all the excitement of fall and winter.


Dry cleaning your winter gloves, jackets and snow boots before putting them in storage is a crucial move if you want to make sure your clothing looks nice and are ready to wear as soon as the weather cools off again. Prime laundry brings utmost five reasons to wear your winter clothes before you place them in storage:


Dry Cleaning Guide For Winter Clothes:


#1 – No Stains:

No Stains at Laundry


Many people realise that they need to wash their clothes before packing them up. Let the professional do the hard work for you and make sure your clothes come back looking brand new. Easy washing in the washing machine can’t help you prevent discoloration during the months of disuse.


Tiny particles stuck to your clothing will easily turn into a large, troublesome stain if left unattended in a package for longer than six months. Dry cleaning by a specialist is the best way to eliminate this issue and keep any fresh stains from emerging.



#2 – Fix & Repair Your Clothes:


Imagine opening a plastic bin next winter in search of your beloved hideous Christmas jumper for a holiday party. You take it out, only to find out there’s a wide hole in the middle of it! Sure, you said you were going to get it fixed later, but you never got around to it. This situation could easily have been stopped if you had dropped it to the dry cleaner before packaging it. Prime Laundry cleaners will do the necessary repairs easily so that the clothes are ready to go when you need them.


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#3 – Fresh Fragrance:


Fresh Fragrance - Dry Cleaning


It’s an unexpected disappointment to open a package of winter garments stored only to be met with a musty smell of disuse. You are then asked to wash everything before you even get a chance to wear it just to eradicate the scent. Luckily, Prime Laundry knows the only way to stop the scent. Instead of being met by the “old clothes smell” the clothes would smell new and be ready to wear.


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#4 – Bug Control:


Do you know that packed clothes are the ideal destination for bugs? Storing your winter clothes without being washed will give your neighbourhood bugs a perfectly warm breeding ground for bug larvae.


Getting licenced dry cleaners to conduct final washing prior to storage would effectively reduce the risk of this occurring, as the clothes will stay new and the pests won’t be as easily drawn to them.


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#5 – No Shrinkage:


Traditional water washing can cause shrinkage and other problems with wool and other fragile winter clothes. We guarantee that no harm is done to any part of your winter clothes and that we have a lot of experience with these winter items. Our team of experts has worked with precious family heirlooms, all sorts of textures and many different styles of clothes.


Our dry cleaning procedure is suitable for almost all materials, and we never clean your clothes with corrosive chemicals.



Do yourself a favour by taking care of your clothes before packing them! Prime Laundry is still here to help you locate places around London. For more details you can email [email protected] our expert will provide required service at take utmost care to ensure great results.