Pressing Fabric For Sewing – Know The Difference Between Pressing Or Ironing

March 8th, 2022

Pressing Fabric For Sewing – Know The Difference Between Pressing Or Ironing

If you go back in time, you’ll notice that garments were pressed with smoothing iron.’ It was a big metal iron used to smooth creases out of particularly intricate garments after being heated on the stove or by the fire. We have the advantage of pressing with an electrically heated steam iron.


Seams may be pressed flat, and wrinkles can be reduced using a decent steam iron. Remember to press each seam or section as you build your clothing for a well-made garment. Always try on a scrap of fabric first to ensure that the iron has the best effect on your fabric.


What Is Pressing Fabric for Sewing?

Pressing Fabric for Sewing


Pressing is the process of opening seams and smoothing unfinished fabric pieces with iron in an up and down motion. If you don’t press while you sew, it will be challenging to do so later in some locations. In addition, sewing can be made more accessible by pressing. For example, ironing a hem before sewing makes stitching more effortless than simply pinning it up.


UP-DOWN-UP-DOWN. Lift the iron up and down with light pressure to press. This pressure applied to the seams, causing them to open and lay flat. In addition, it helps the stitches blend into the cloth, making them less apparent and flatter.


When I sew, I rarely use commercial chemical ironing help. Instead, get a water spray bottle and keep it on hand for tough fabrics and seams. Steam or a water spray may be used, depending on the fabric.


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Required Tools For Pressing Fabric for Sewing:


Some essential tools help with successful pressing for sewing.


  • An outstanding steam iron. Constant irons are preferable for longer sewing sessions, but make sure you turn them off when you’re done. Some irons are designed to turn off after a certain amount of time.
  • Ironing board with cover and metal frame at a good height. Covers that help with ironing are available.
  • Tailor’s ham – for curved seams and darts, especially in children’s clothing.


What Is The Difference Between Pressing or Ironing:

Ironing Your Clothes


Unlike conventional ironing, pressing involves pressing the iron up and down rather than dragging it across the fabric. Seams must be placed with gentle pressure.


A pressing cloth is a fabric that you put between your sewing project and the iron to protect it. It’s essential to use a pressing cloth to prevent the iron from pressing directly onto your fabric.


It will help prevent accidents and the worst-case scenario, where the iron interacts with the fabric while the temperature is too high. You get that sinking feeling as you lift the iron, and your cloth is attached!


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Wrap Up:


It’s such a good investment to take the time to press each step of the garment-making process. Because you were “tight for time,” you can seem competent in the clothes you made.