How Your Common Ironing Habits Represent You

December 15th, 2021

How Your Common Ironing Habits Represent You

The way you dress at the end of the day tells a lot about who and what you are. Every crease tells a story, whether you’ve just gone to work, hiked, or sneaked your kids. However, it’s not necessarily how you crease your clothes that can reveal anything; how you iron them might also show something. You may not know it, but the way you treat your ironing pile might tell a lot about your personality. You still don’t believe us? Here are some typical ironing habits and what they may reveal about the people that do them:


List of Typical Ironing Habits:


#1 – It’s Supposed to be Wrinkled:


Reducing Wrinkles from the Clothes


You’re pretty sure you have an iron somewhere in your house, perhaps under the sink or in the boiler closet, collecting dust. You’re virtually positive, however, that you don’t have an ironing board stored someplace.


It doesn’t matter because all of your clothes are crease-resistant or meant to be worn with a criss-cross of lines over the front. You’re a risk-taker who doesn’t have to follow anyone’s rules.


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#2 – Sunday Afternoon Power Through:


You’ve completed your laundry from last week. All you need is a cup of tea to keep you going, your phone in case Lynne calls, and last night’s show on TV. When you’ve got all of these items, you’re ready to travel, and nothing will be able to stop you. You’re an ironing machine that can handle any trouser crease.


You’re the dedicated ironer with the patience, energy, and expertise to steam that pile of clothing into submission, leaving only folded up laundry stacks in your wake. These are the qualities that you carry with you wherever you go, and that help you get through any difficult situation. You can choose a Prime Laundry in London for a better and quick ironing service with free collection and delivery to your doorstep.


#3 – Do Iron Your Clothes As Soon As Possible in the Morning:


Ironing Your Clothes


You know you should be doing the ironing, and there are more exciting things to do in your mind. Those TV shows aren’t going to watch themselves, and that drink at the bar isn’t going to be drunk by itself.


Who wants to do the ironing when you have people to meet up with and exciting things to do? You’ll need a shirt before you know it, which means facing your nemesis and getting out the ironing board in the dim light while urgently trying to drink your coffee. But it’s not as bad as you remember; you have that shirt ironed swiftly and effectively, and you’re out the door looking professionally in no time.


You make a promise to yourself that you will not let the ironing build up again and that you will finish it as soon as your laundry is dry. But then, just as with the washing up, you become distracted halfway through that movie, when you were determined to make that recipe you saw. There’s always something more exciting to do than iron, and at the very least, it gets done if you need it.


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Wrap up:


What’s the point of ironing your clothing if you’re going to wear them? What’s the point of hanging your clothes or putting them in drawers in the first place? When your clean clothing is heaped on that one chair in your bedroom that you don’t use, it’s a lot easier to find what you need.


It doesn’t matter if you have to close the bedroom door when you have visitors; that’s just life. No one can go inside your bag, kitchen cupboards, or any of your house’s wardrobes for the same reason. Things are supposed to be messy.


But by maintaining your ironing habits, you can make your lives smoother, and Prime Laundry, a quality ironing service provider in London, helps you to ease your life.