Commercial Laundry Service Work

September 8th, 2021

How Does Commercial Laundry Service Work Step By Step

A commercial laundry service may look similar to any manufacturing structure, but once inside, you’ll note the first significant difference: it smells pretty clean. The facility may depend entirely on the time of day and year, with people, carts, and linens in various states of becoming washed, dried, ironed, and folded. With a high-tech laundry machine, it could be quiet or noisy.


In a Senior Living facility, commercial laundry service linens and goods must be cleaned regularly to ensure infection prevention measures are followed and residents are satisfied. Ensure that these proper washing techniques are included in your laundry process and that you have the commercial laundry equipment you require.


How Does Commercial Laundry Service Works:


There are many reasons to outsource your linen care and laundry service, but arguably the most compelling is the amount of time and effort required to do the task. Doing laundry in-house would take a whole team on any given day. Here’s an idea about what that looks like:


#1 – Linen Arrival:


linen for airbnb


Linens are transported to the plant and lined up to be processed after being collected from different hotels, resorts, healthcare facilities, and restaurants. The linens are weighted, and the information for every load is entered into a computer system.


The room arrangement will determine the number of collection sites, so explain where they are and a regular pick-up/drop-off schedule with staff and residents. Bedding, bath, and personal items are collected in one container in specific communities, and then divided in the laundry room. Use separate receptacles for each line if space allows.


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#2 – Sorting:


Linens are sorted by professional personnel using gloves and other protective gear. The materials are sorted into categories depending on type and colour (white towels, bed sheets, and robes go into their compartments, for example).


With the help of a certified chemical vendor, identify the best chemical formulations. To ensure infection control, extend the life of the linens, and save money, each item requires its chemical formula. Set the formulas for different types of commercial washing linen in collaboration with a qualified chemical provider. At least once per month, the chemical provider should verify formulae and equipment for correct chemical mix and dispenser alerts.


#3 – Washing:


Wash Bed Sheets Laundry


The linens are properly cleaned using high-capacity industrial washing machines following industry standards and requirements. (For example, healthcare linens are under much stricter regulations than those from the restaurant industry.)


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#4 – Drying:


The damp laundry is subsequently placed in big capacity dryers, in which the type of material determines the level of drying. Sheets are usually pressed (ironed) while still slightly damp after drying, only enough to eliminate extra moisture. Most commercial dryers, such as industrial laundry services in London, come with a built-in detector to avoid over-drying, which wastes energy and damages fabrics.


#5 – Pressing:


Ironing Your Clothes


Large machines suitable for drying and ironing king-sized sheets and banquet-size tablecloths can be used for pressing. Linens are carefully fed into ironers, where they are dried and folded nicely.


#6 – Folding:


Hand folding is rarely used as it’s time-consuming and difficult. Instead, clean linens are folded, sorted, and stacked by machines.


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#7 – Weighing:


Before the materials are transported for delivery, there is one more weigh-in. Dirty linens weigh more than clean linens, and before they’re delivered, personnel check to see if the weight difference is within a reasonable range. Damaged or stained linens that require special treatment are packed separately from the rest of the linens.


Wrap up:


While this provided some glimpse into the processes of a commercial laundry service plant, there are always exceptions to every rule. There may be exceptional conditions that necessitate extra attention, and Prime Laundry, the best industrial laundry service in London, has handled it all!