Airbnb cleaning services – FAQ’s and guidelines All you need to know

August 31st, 2022

Airbnb cleaning services- FAQ’s & guideline you need to know

How much is the Airbnb cleaning service? 

Rates of Airbnb cleaning services depend on several factors that include the types and numbers of services you are going to avail. To get a tailored quote for your Airbnb property, get in touch with our support team. 


What does Airbnb’s cleaning service cover?

Airbnb cleaning service covers dirty laundry, washing and removing stains from towels, all types of clothes, and linens. After 5-star cleaning, our experts carefully tumble dry and fold your items so that you receive them as fresh as new.


Here at Prime Laundry, we are accompanied by the most-skilled disinfection and cleaning professionals who thoroughly sweep, clean, and disinfect your property. Our professionals go as far as checking countertops and baseboards.


The prices of our Airbnb cleaning services are market competitive and we are trusted by hundreds of thousands of happy customers. 


Airbnb cleaning service price list 

The rates depend on several factors including the number of services you are going to avail. For instance, if you want to simply outsource laundry, you will charged as per the types and numbers of items. Likewise, if you want your property thoroughly cleaned, rates hover between £13- £30 per hour. 


Airbnb Cleaning Fee For Houses 

We tailor our pricing section as per your unique needs. The end goal is to maximize your profits. Also, our prices are extremely market competitive and flexible and influenced by several factors that include the number of rooms and types of services. 


Average Airbnb cleaning fee 

The average Airbnb cleaning fee here at Prime Laundry is flexible. It hovers around £XYZ to £XYZ (update it accordingly). However, the pricing is influenced by several other factors. If you are placing the order from the app for the first time, you will get a 30% discount on minimum order of £40. ? Check our pricing plan 


Factors affecting Price 

Airbnb Cleaning service pricing is influenced by 1 factor only: number of services you want to avail. However, you can get a tailored quote by getting in touch with our support team. 


How can I set the cleaning fee for Airbnb cleaning services? 

As every landlord or business owner wants to avail of different types of services and as sizes of properties vary vastly, there’s no specific pricing. However, you can also in touch with one of our representatives a free customized quote for your Airbnb property. 


Are cleaning fees negotiable on Airbnb? 

Yes, Airbnb cleaning fees tailored as per the unique requirements of your business. You can also a free customized quote for your property simply by submitting your details through inquiry forms. 


Best Airbnb Cleaning Service in London 

With experience, highly-skilled professionals, and the latest machinery on our side, Prime Laundry is the best Airbnb cleaning service in London. We are trusted by renowned brands that include Serco, Glossier, Baanthai, and HM Prison & Probation Service.


Likewise, we trusted by thousands of private businesses in London and across the UK. You can read Google reviews and testimonials to know more about 5-star Airbnb cleaning services. 


Should i do it myself or hire a cleaning service 

No, you shouldn’t do Airbnb cleaning services by yourself. Outsourcing cleaning and laundry services for your property provide you the luxury to focus on the most important sides of your business which include customer services and bookkeeping. It also saves time and energy and you can shift the same on growing your business. 



Who will provide the cleaning equipment? 

Being a commercial Airbnb Laundry service provider in London and UK. We also provide and bring all the cleaning equipment with us.


We also ensure that you get 5-star laundry and cleaning services and that your guests enjoy a refreshing experience while staying at your property. To a free customised quote, get in touch with a chat representative now. We are also operate 24/7. 


Is the Airbnb fee refundable? 

Once the cleaning or laundry is done, the fee becomes non-refundable for Airbnb cleaning & laundry services. If you cancel the order before the tasks have been done. A cancellation fee of £5 will also charged.