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September 27th, 2022

7 Benefits of outsourcing your hospital laundry

Doing healthcare laundry is an arduous task involving a lot of labour, high-capacity machines, and detergents such as towels, medical linens, scrubs, robes, and patient gowns are always in need of washing to be able to rid them of bacteria and germs. The post-pandemic healthcare system requires 24/7 and vigilant attention if it wants to cater to the complex needs of patients. And healthcare laundry services are an important part of it.


A recently concluded research has revealed that laundry services for hospitals are 3rd most outsourced service in the healthcare industry. For large-scale and medium-scale hospitals, outsourcing laundry is not a choice but a compulsion. However, even small-scale hospitals have opted for outsourcing as it provides a competitive edge.


In this article, you will learn how outsourcing laundry services for hospitals will prove beneficial to you. Let’s begin:


Optimum Patient Care

If you outsource laundry services, it allows you to focus more on patient care. For medium and large-scale healthcare facilities, outsourcing is a more significant advantage as the same may have resources to establish a separate unit, but doing so will add complexities to administration and maintenance.


Ultimately, the sheer volume of hospital laundry will take a toll on your core operation, i-e, patient care. And if adding a new laundry facility occurs without additional hiring, the cons outweigh the perks by a wide margin.


Therefore, outsourcing your hospital laundry needs to commercial laundry providers as Prime Laundry permits you to deliver optimum patient care.


Sustainable Practice

Another advantage of outsourcing hospital laundry services is that it makes your healthcare practice sustainable. Let us explain it to you. When you outsource your laundry to a commercial laundry services provider, you directly contribute to reusability and recycling efforts.


Also, being a leader in the business, here at Prime Laundry, we ensure that premium resources like energy and water are consumed through an efficient and optimized process.


Meet Govt Standards

The Healthcare industry faces one of the strictest government scrutinies regarding hygiene and cleaning. Outsourcing your laundry allows you to meet all these standards. Also, doing so completely eliminate risks of cross-contamination of various infections.


Here at Prime Laundry, we have strict standards in addition to these government standards. Thus, by outsourcing your laundry healthcare laundry services, you automatically comply with all official standards. Also, outsourcing eliminates additional tasks of documentation. So, again, it results in optimum patient care.


Professional Touch to Your Practice

When your medical linens, scrubs, towels, robes, and patient gowns are cleaned to perfection, it gives a much-needed professional touch to your practice. Again, it improves your overall image.


Here at Prime Laundry, our skilled workforce keep your closets and shelves filled with clean and exact inventory. Thus, we become an extension of your overall healthcare system delivering top-notch laundry results 24/7.


More Space

As mentioned in the above paras, when you build an in-house facility for hospital laundry services, then doing so not only puts an additional burden on the administration department but also consumes significant space.


Thus, outsourcing offers you additional space that you can use for storage purposes as well as extra rooms and beds for medical care (thus, directly increasing your revenue sources).


Standardize Your Inventory

Outsourcing allows you to standardize your inventory. Our skilled professional keeps an exact record of each item during collection. Thus, you can know when there’s a need to replenish your stock or cut back on specific apparel or linen items.


Reduce Managers’ burden

Outsourcing hospital laundry services also slash the burden from your managers’ shoulders. With the additional hassle of laundry-related tasks gone, managers can focus more on their core tasks. Thus, managers pay full attention to the comfort and care of patients, which is the number one priority in any healthcare setup.


Why Prime Laundry?

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